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Python wrapper for the GitHub API (

Project description

Eventually this will be a python module to access the GitHub v3 API.

This is not stable yet and there is no backwards compatibility yet. There will likely be some changes which change behavior in the near future.

Easy Cloning

Assuming you have git 1.7.x (although I’m not entirely certain what version it was introduced in) you can perform git clone --recursive git:// to clone this and the submodule at the same time. Otherwise you have to do:

$ git clone git://
$ cd
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update


In Progress

[1]Creating a download via Amazon S3 seems to always return an invalid multipart/form-data POST request.


Modified BSD license


See the docs for more detailed examples.

>>> from github3 import login
>>> gh = login(username, password)
>>> issue = gh.issue('sigmavirus24', 'Todo.txt-python', 17)
>>> issue.html_url
>>> issue.state
>>> events = issue.list_events()
>>> events
[<Issue Event [#17 - subscribed - sigmavirus24]>, <Issue Event [#17 - assigned - sigmavirus24]>,
 <Issue Event [#17 - referenced - sigmavirus24]>]
>>> events[0].actor
<User [sigmavirus24:None]>
>>> events[0].issue
<Issue [sigmavirus24/Todo.txt-python #17]>
>>> events[0].closed_at
>>> events[0].event
>>> from github3 import login
>>> g = login(username, password)
>>> repo = g.repository('sigmavirus24', 'Todo.txt-python')
>>> sha = repo.create_blob('Testing blob creation', 'utf-8')
>>> sha
>>> blob = repo.blob(sha)
>>> blob.content
>>> blob.decoded
u'Testing blob creation'
>>> blob.encoding
>>> from github3 import login
>>> g = login(username, password)
>>> repo = g.repository('sigmavirus24', '')
>>> tag = repo.tag('cdba84b4fede2c69cb1ee246b33f49f19475abfa')
>>> tag
<Tag [cdba84b4fede2c69cb1ee246b33f49f19475abfa]>
>>> tag.object.sha
>>> tag.object.type


Ian Cordasco (sigmavirus24)

0.1: 2012-06-xx

  • Support for the complete GitHub API

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