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Git Machine

Project description

GitMachine is a python library that aims to mimic git checkout processes to handle url aliasing and cases where submodules may need to be overriden ad-hoc.

This is based on the submodule override schema in baserock, but can be used independently of baserock build tooling.

Here’s how to use it

# Set some aliases, this is usually a dictionary of prefix mappings. Here # we set a single prefix meaning, wherever we see ‘upstream:’, substitute # it for ‘git://’

aliases = { ‘upstream:’: ‘git://’}

# Make a GitMachine, specifying a ‘gits’ directory, a ‘tmp’ directory and # the aliases. ‘gits’ is where the gits end up stored. GitMachine will name # them in a standard way.

gitmachine = GitMachine(‘gits’, ‘tmp’, aliases)

# We’re going to check out ansible at the ref ebc8d48d34296fe010096f044e2b7591df37a622, # using the upstream baserock repository. We need to make a submodule mask, which maps # the path of the submodule in the main repository to an alternate url. It looks like # this:

ansible = {‘lib/ansible/modules/core’: { ‘url’: ‘upstream:ansible-modules-core.git’ },

‘v2/ansible/modules/core’: { ‘url’: ‘upstream:ansible-modules-core.git’ }, ‘v2/ansible/modules/extras’: { ‘url’: ‘upstream:ansible-modules-extras.git’ }, ‘lib/ansible/modules/extras’: { ‘url’: ‘upstream:ansible-modules-extras.git’ }}

# Use the arrange_into_folder method to clone upstream:ansible from, # also passing in the ref, the submodule mask, and a folder, to clone into the folder # using the overriden sources. Here it will evaluate upstream:ansible and clone it # into the folder ‘’, using the submodule override mask.

gitmachine.arrange_into_folder(‘upstream:ansible’, ‘ebc8d48d34296fe010096f044e2b7591df37a622’, ansible, ‘’)

GitMachine also works recursively. An example of a recursive checkout of the qt5 master repository can be found in ‘’

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