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Automatic Changelog generator using Jinja2 templates.

Project description

# gitolog
Automatic changelog generator. From git logs to change logs.

- Installation: `sudo pip3 install gitolog`
- Features:
- [Jinja2][jinja2] templates!
You get full control over the rendering.
Built-in [Keep a Changelog][keep-a-changelog] and [Angular][angular] templates
(also see [Conventional Changelog][conventional-changelog]).
- Commit styles/conventions parsing.
Built-in [Angular][angular-style], [Atom][atom-style] and basic styles.
- Git service/provider agnostic,
plus references parsing (issues, commits, etc.).
Built-in [GitHub][github-refs] and [Gitlab][gitlab-refs] support.
- Understands [Semantic Versioning][semantic-versioning]:
major/minor/patch for versions and commits.
Guesses next version based on last commits.
- Todo:
- [Plugin architecture][issue-7],
to support more commit styles and git services.
- [Template context injection][issue-4],
to furthermore customize how your changelog will be rendered.
- [Easy access to "Breaking Changes"][issue-1] in the templates.
- [Update changelog in-place][issue-2], paired with
[commits/dates/versions range limitation ability][issue-3].

## Command-line

$ gitolog --help
usage: gitolog [-h] [-o OUTPUT] [-s {angular,atom,basic}]
[-t {angular,keepachangelog}] [-v]

Command line tool for gitolog Python package.

positional arguments:
REPOSITORY The repository path, relative or absolute.

optional arguments:
-h, --help Show this help message and exit.
-o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
Output to given file. Default: stdout.
-s {angular,atom,basic}, --style {angular,atom,basic}
The commit style to match against.
-t {angular,keepachangelog}, --template {angular,keepachangelog}
The Jinja2 template to use. Prefix with "path:" to
specify the path to a directory containing a file
named "".
-v, --version Show the current version of the program and exit.


# Changelog
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](
and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](

## [0.1.1]( ([compare]( - 2018-06-27

### Fixed
- Fix build with, add license file ([013fb69](

### Misc
- Improve readability ([5e590f6](
- Prepare release 0.1.1 ([7e2baf8](

## [0.1.0]( ([compare]( - 2018-06-27

### Added
- Add github/gitlab regexes ([584fd73](

### Fixed
- Fix patch bump ([8470e69](
- Fix refs parsing ([8c77cb7](

### Misc
- Continue packaging (#6) ([a29af2c](
- Finish packaging (#6) ([e92b492](
- Implement reference parsing ([a9b4a89](
- Improve angular template, improve style/refs system ([5b87d48](
- Initial commit ([83845fe](
- Package code (#6) ([1219eaf](
- Update changelog for version 0.1.0 ([14edcaf](
- Update changelog for version 0.1.0 ([610633d](
- Update changelog for version 0.1.0 ([2eaaa2e](
- Work in progress ([27a60e8](

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