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HomeKit Accessory Protocol (HAP) wrapper for Python

Project description

This wraps the very useful HAP-python package to make creating new Accessories, especially those with multiple services, really simple.

Here is an example:

class Temperature(gleeful.Accessory):
    temperature ='28-00000000000')

    class AccessoryInformation:
        Name = 'Temperature'
        Manufacturer = 'Matthew Schinckel'
        Model = 'DS18B20'
        SerialNumber = '28-00000000000'


Defining Services

Services must inherit from gleeful.Service in order for them to be correctly registered with the accessory, and for the service attribute to be correctly determined:

class PIR(gleeful.Service):
    service = 'MotionSensor'

    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        from gpio import MotionSensor
        self.motion = self.service.get_characteristic('MotionDetected')
        self.detector = gpiozero.MotionSensor(kwargs.pop('gpio_pin'))
        super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)

    def run(self, sentinel):
        self.detector.when_motion = lambda: self.motion.set_value(True)
        self.detector.when_no_motion = lambda: self.motion.set_value(False)

You will note a few things that are quite important in this example:

  • You define the service on tha class as a string: this will be looked up from the HAP loader automatically, when using a class the service attribute will not be a string, but instead an instance of the HAP service that matches.

  • The run method takes an extra argument: the sentinel that can be used to trigger repeating code or a stop situation. This is shared between all services within an accessory.

Why use this instead of HAP-python?

Gleeful makes it easy to have multiple services within a single accessory, and encapsulating the logic within the service.

It also allows for you to serve directly from the accessory, by using .start(), although you may also pass the accessory to a driver if you wish.

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