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Pure-Python bindings to glibc (based on ctypes)

Project description

Pure-Python bindings to glibc (based on ctypes)

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* Free software: LGPLv3 license
* Works on python 2.7+ and python 3.2+ and pypy
* Currently exposes 23 low-level glibc functions (see below), 10 data types and
118 constants. All useful glibc features are in scope (patches welcome!)
* ``from glibc import ...`` -- direct access to glibc constants, functions and
types via lazy imports, fast startup, low memory overhead, efficient calls to
* Translates error codes according to documentation (manual pages) of each
supported function. Raises OSError with appropriate values and a customized,
easy-to-understand error message.
* Uses declarative "bindings", easy to verify for correctness, easy to add more
types, functions and constants. Built-in tests verify the value of each
constant, size and offset of each structure / union field and the size of the
whole structure / union.
* Adds high-level abstractions on top of raw functions (,
pyglibc.signalfd, pyglibc.selectors, pyglibc.pthread_sigmask, pyglibc.pipe,
pyglibc.subreaper) so that using them is easier and more pythonic.
* This code is entirely optional and users can still call the low-level
C-equivalents directly.
* Where possible, existing Python APIs are followed so that glibc_select and
glibc_selectors are drop-in replacements for the select and selectors modules
from Python's standard library.


The following glibc functions are supported

=========================== =================================
Name Remarks
=========================== =================================
``close(2)`` Same as os.close()
``dup(2)`` Same as os.dup()
``dup2(2)`` Same as os.dup2()
``dup3(2)`` Same as os.dup(flags=)
``epoll_create(2)`` Similar to select.epoll()
``epoll_create1(2)`` Similar to select.epoll()
``epoll_ctl(2)`` Similar to select.epoll.{register,unregister,modify}
``epoll_wait(2)`` Similar to select.epoll.poll()
``pipe(2)`` Same as os.pipe
``read(2)`` Unlike, this one makes no copies

0.6.1 (2014-11-20)

* Small change to internal APIs (no need to upgrade or there are no public API

0.6 (2014-11-09)

* Functions from the pthread library are now supported
* Added functions: ``read(2)``, ``pause(2)``, ``eventfd(2)``,
``eventfd_read(2)``, ``eventfd_write(2)``, ``clock_getres(2)``,
``clock_gettime(2)`` and ``clock_settime(2)``.
* Added constants: ``NSIG``, ``EFD_CLOEXEC``, ``EFD_NONBLOCK``,
* Added new module :mod:`` that contains a Python 2.7+ version of the from Python 3.4. This module contains a pure-python version of the
``epoll`` class. It may be used in place of the module from the standard
library if additional features are desired in a cross-python-version portable
* Added new module :mod:`pyglibc.selectors` that contains a Python 2.7+ version
of the from Python 3.4. As with, it can be used
in place of the original.
* Added new module :mod:`pyglibc._signalfd` that exposes ``signalfd(2)`` in a
much more pythonic way. Use signalfd as a file, as a context manager, inspect
it in pdb, all easily without having to browse through manual pages. It is
exposed as ``pyglibc.signalfd`` for easier importing.
* Added new module :mod:`pyglibc._pthread_sigmask` that exposes
``pthread_sigmask(2)`` in a much more pythonic way, making it a perfect
companion for the ``signalfd()`` class. It is exposed as
``pyglibc.pthread_sigmask`` for easier importing.
* Added new module :mod:`pyglibc._pipe` that expoes ``pipe2(2)`` in the same
way as Python 3.4 does via the ``os.pipe()`` and ``os.pipe2()`` functions.
* Added new module :mod:`pyglibc._subreaper` that adds pythonic API to
``prctl(PR_{GET,SET}_CHILD_SUBREAPER, ...)``. This module exposes a single
instance called ``subreaper``.

0.5 (2014-10-22)

* Added tests for structure / union size and offset of each field
* New feature, type aliases for non-compound types like ``time_t``.
* Added functions: ``prctl(2)``, ``timerfd_create(2)``, ``timerfd_settime(2)``,
* Added constants: ``PR_SET_PDEATHSIG``, ``PR_GET_PDEATHSIG``,
* Added structures: ``struct itimerspec``, ``struct timespec`` and
``struct timeval``.
* Added type alias for ``time_t`` and ``suseconds_t``

0.4 (2014-10-21)

* Started tracking changes relevant to other people.
* First release with tests for constants and type sizes.
* Fixed issues with ``struct epoll_event`` (size mismatch).
* Added functions: ``close(2)``.
* Added constants: ``FD_SETSIZE``, ``EPOLLRDNORM``, ``EPOLLRDBAND``,
* Improved bundled demos (not part of release)

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