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Python module to, send SMS, emails and read unread emails.

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Gmail Connector

Python module to, send SMS, emails and read unread emails in inbox folder.

Modules and Protocols
  • email - Format emails as MIMEMultipart object, read emails from bytes and str and decode headers.
  • smtplib - SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol to connect to gmail server, do auth and perform outgoing tasks.
  • imaplib - IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol to access messages in an email mailbox.


pip install gmail-connector

Env Vars

Store a .env file with the args:

gmail_user = '',
gmail_pass = '<ACCOUNT_PASSWORD>'

Send SMS

from gmailconnector.send_sms import Messenger

response = Messenger(
    message='Test SMS using gmail-connector'
if response.ok:
More on Send SMS

:warning: Gmail's SMS Gateway has a payload limit. So, it is recommended to break larger messages into multiple SMS.

Additional args:
  • subject: Subject of the message. Defaults to Message from GmailConnector
  • carrier: Use any of at&t, t-mobile, verizon, boost, cricket, us-cellular. Defaults to t-mobile.
  • sms_gateway: SMS gateway of the carrier. Defaults to since the default carrier is t-mobile.
  • delete_sent: Boolean flag to delete the outbound email from SentItems. Defaults to True

Note: If known, using the sms_gateway will ensure proper delivery of the SMS.

Send Email

from gmailconnector.send_email import SendEmail

response = SendEmail(
if response.ok:
More on Send Email
Additional args:
  • body: Body of the email. Defaults to blank.
  • attachment: Filename that has to be attached.
  • filename: Custom name for the attachment. Defaults to the attachment name itself.
  • sender: Name that has to be used in the email.
  • cc: Email address of the recipient to whom the email has to be CC'd.
  • bcc: Email address of the recipient to whom the email has to be BCC'd.

Note: To send email to more than one recipient, wrap recipient/cc/bcc in a list.

recipient=['', '']

Read Email

from gmailconnector.read_email import ReadEmail

reader = ReadEmail(folder='"[Gmail]/All Mail"')  # Folder defaults to inbox
response = reader.instantiate(category='SMALLER 500')  # Search criteria defaults to UNSEEN
if response.ok:
    unread_emails = reader.read_email(response.body)
    for each_mail in list(unread_emails):


PreCommit will ensure linting, and the doc creation are run on every commit.

pip install --no-cache --upgrade sphinx pre-commit recommonmark

pre-commit run --all-files

Change Log

Requirement pip install --no-cache --upgrade changelog-generator

Usage changelog

Pypi Module



License & copyright

© Vignesh Sivanandha Rao, Gmail Connector

Licensed under the MIT License

Change Log

0.5.2 (06/08/2022)

  • Remove verbose and override flags when loading .env

0.5.1 (02/21/2022)

  • Update version compatibility in
  • Import local modules from init
  • Add a script to build locally
  • Remove docs from actions

0.5.0 (02/19/2022)

  • Add a warning if count is called outside ReadEmail
  • Strip string converted email info in the yielded dict

0.4.9 (02/19/2022)

  • Read mails in all folders with different status
  • Convert email receive time into local timezone
  • Remove print statements and use yield instead
  • Yield email information as a dictionary
  • Upload to pypi when committed to master
  • Update docs, and CHANGELOG

0.4.8 (01/12/2022)

  • Take a custom filename for the attachment
  • Default to attachment name without the path
  • Remove unnecessary variables

0.4.7 (01/09/2022)

  • Check for phone and recipient in env var
  • Take gmail username instead of email address

0.4.6 (01/08/2022)

  • Load env vars from a .env file
  • Reformat docstrings
  • Fix sent item after sending an SMS

0.4.5 (01/01/2022)

  • Add SMTP port number to send email

0.4.4 (12/30/2021)

  • Add more information to payload restriction

0.4.3 (12/30/2021)

  • Add payload limit for SMS

0.4.2 (12/22/2021)

  • Remove endpoint validator due to high inaccuracies

0.4.1 (12/22/2021)

  • Mark internal methods as private
  • Include private methods in sphinx docs

0.4.0 (12/22/2021)

  • Fix phone number digit validation

0.3.9 (12/20/2021)

  • Create a separate method to validate input arguments
  • Change arg phone_number to phone

0.3.8 (12/20/2021)

  • Fix import issues with module vs sphinx

0.3.7 (12/20/2021)

  • Specify carrier based sms-gateway to increase success rate
  • Introduce carrier, sms_gateway and delete_sent as optional arguments
  • Use a third-party email-validator to check endpoint before sending the email
  • Remove redundant variables
  • Add requirements.txt, update and .gitignore

0.3.6 (11/10/2021)

  • Return responses as a class object instead of a dictionary
  • Delete messages after sending an SMS
  • Do not remove docs directory if version is not bumped
  • Generate CHANGELOG in reverse

0.3.5 (10/16/2021)

  • Add project URLs and package requirements to pypi
  • Add markdown support to sphinx autodocs
  • Add a condition check for version upgrade
  • Update docs and changelog

0.3.4 (08/11/2021)

  • Add new lines to the message start to separate subject and body of the SMS
  • Update sphinx documentation to 4.1.2

0.3.3 (08/04/2021)

  • Fix incorrect HTTP return codes

0.3.2 (07/24/2021)

  • Remove logger module.
  • Add exception handlers for Messenger class.
  • Update docs and CHANGELOG
  • Bump version.

0.3.1 (07/22/2021)

  • Return a dictionary element after sending an email/SMS.
  • Add status code and description to return dict.
  • Update docs and CHANGELOG
  • Bump version.

0.3.0 (07/19/2021)

  • Allow users to add multiple recipients while sending email.
  • Add CC and BCC options.
  • Check if attachment file is available before trying to attach.
  • Wrap recipient, cc and bcc items in a single list before email kick off.
  • Remove sender arg and default to the user login email address.
  • Fix version number format.

0.2.9 (07/19/2021)

  • Add logging
  • Remove print statements
  • Bump version

0.2.8 (07/19/2021)

  • Bump version to support github action
  • Auto upload to pypi

0.2.7 (07/19/2021)

  • auto upload to pypi when tagged a release version

0.2.6 (07/19/2021)

  • onboard docs.yml but only prints a statement

0.2.5 (07/19/2021)

  • Add badges
  • Update and CHANGELOG
  • Bump version

0.2.4 (07/18/2021)

  • Onboard pypi module
  • Add, setup.cfg,, CHANGELOG
  • Update and docs
  • Move files to gmailconnector support package

0.2.3 (07/18/2021)

  • Increase page width and update

0.2.2 (07/18/2021)

  • Onboard and update docs

0.2.1 (07/17/2021)

  • Onboard sphinx auto generated documentation

0.2.0 (07/17/2021)

  • Refactor and add
  • Add pre-commit for linting
  • Update

0.1.9 (06/28/2020)

  • update

0.1.8 (06/28/2020)

  • add LICENSE

0.1.7 (06/28/2020)

  • look for env variables before failing

0.1.6 (06/27/2020)

  • included exception handler

0.1.5 (06/27/2020)

  • modify date time type standards instead of using index values

0.1.4 (06/11/2020)

  • fix typo

0.1.3 (06/09/2020)

  • improve coding standards

0.1.2 (06/08/2020)

  • improve coding standards

0.1.1 (06/08/2020)

  • added comments

0.1.0 (06/08/2020)

  • get user input before reading multiple emails

0.0.9 (06/08/2020)

  • get user input before showing any content

0.0.8 (06/08/2020)

  • include number of unread emails on top

0.0.7 (06/08/2020)

  • user input condition to read email

0.0.6 (06/08/2020)

  • pdt to cdt

0.0.5 (06/08/2020)

  • added time when the email was received

0.0.4 (06/08/2020)

  • decode body of the email and display only text part

0.0.3 (06/08/2020)

  • decode raw email using email library

0.0.2 (06/08/2020)

  • read raw email

0.0.1 (06/07/2020)

  • Initial commit

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