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Unofficial Gmail python client with pythonic API.

Project description


Unofficial Gmail python client with pythonic API.


  • Clean API
  • No other dependencies than standard library
  • Lazy loading for content


import sys
import getpass
import datetime

from gmaily import Gmaily

g = Gmaily()

user_email = input("Email: ")
user_pw = getpass.getpass()

if not g.login(user_email, user_pw):
    print("Cannot login")

msgs = g.inbox().after( - datetime.timedelta(weeks=2))
for msg in msgs.all():
    print("\n" + (" Mail UID: %d " % msg.uid).center(80, "=") + "\n")
    print("Subject:", msg.subject)
    print("From:", msg.sender)
    print("Attachments:", msg.attachments)

    print("-" * 10)



Searching Mailbox

SearchQuery, which is returned by some methods like Gmaily.inbox supports method chaining and you can easily mix search criterias together:

two_weeks_ago = - datetime.timedelta(weeks=2)
msgs = g.inbox().by("").before(two_weeks_ago)

Alternatively, you can use other mailboxes than INBOX in the above example using Gmaily.mailbox method:

msgs = g.mailbox("URGENT").on(

You can then execute the query and fetch the results using SearchQuery.all:


You can find the full list of supported criterias and their description at here. Note that ALL criteria is not present because it's the default criteria and SearchQuery.all stands for executing the query. Any other names like .fetch(), .do() could be taken the place, but I chose the .all() because famous ORMs use it too.

Some other criterias are omitted too:

  • NOT
  • OR
  • UID


It requires Python>=3.5.

$ pip3 install -U gmaily



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