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Command line interface for Genymotion Cloud SaaS

Project description



gmsaas is a command line interface for Genymotion Cloud SaaS.


  • Python 3.5 or above
  • pip3
  • Android SDK


pip3 install gmsaas



Two steps are required to use gmsaas properly:

  • Configure the path to your Android SDK with:

    gmsaas config set android-sdk-path <sdk_path>
  • Authenticate with:

    gmsaas auth login <email>


If you are behind a corporate proxy, gmsaas may not be able to access the Internet with its default settings.

HTTP/HTTPS proxy settings can be configured via gmsaas config command.

gmsaas config set proxy http[s]://host:port

For an authenticated proxy, credentials can be passed in the URL:

gmsaas config set proxy http[s]://user:password@host:port

Alternatively, to avoid having the proxy credentials stored in gmsaas configuration file, you can set the credentials using environment variables:

GMSAAS_PROXY_USERNAME: the username used to connect to the proxy
GMSAAS_PROXY_PASSWORD: the password of given user

Note: Only HTTP/HTTPS proxies are supported.


List recipes

gmsaas recipes list

Lists recipes that can be started with gmsaas instances start.

A recipe is a template with a given Android version, display size, density and specifications (CPU, memory, storage) which generally match those of a real device. Recipe UUID is the identifier used when starting an instance.

Start an instance

gmsaas instances start <recipe_uuid> <name> [--no-wait]

Creates and starts an instance <name> based on the specified <recipe_uuid> recipe. The command returns once the instance is started, unless the --no-wait option has been set. In both cases the instance UUID is printed on standard output.

Connect an instance to ADB

gmsaas instances adbconnect <instance_uuid> [--adb-serial-port PORT]

Connects the instance <instance_uuid> to ADB. The command returns once ADB is connected. If the --adb-serial-port <PORT> option is set, the instance will be connected to ADB on localhost:<PORT>.

List running instances

gmsaas instances list [--quiet/-q]

Lists running instances. This also provides the ADB serial used if the instance is connected to ADB. If --quiet is set, only instance UUIDs will be displayed.

Stop an instance

gmsaas instances stop <instance_uuid> [--no-wait]

Stops the specified instance. The command returns once the instance is fully stopped, unless the --no-wait option has been set.

Bash/Zsh auto-completion

gmsaas supports Bash and Zsh auto-completion. To activate it, you need to inform your shell that completion is available.

For Bash, add this to your .bashrc:

eval "$(_GMSAAS_COMPLETE=source gmsaas)"

For Zsh, add this to your .zshrc:

eval "$(_GMSAAS_COMPLETE=source_zsh gmsaas)"

Note: you must type at least one dash to complete command-line options.


Whatever your problem is, the Support Team will need logs to speed up the investigations. To generate them:

  1. Reproduce your issue
  2. Run gmsaas logzip: an archive named will be created in the current directory
  3. Contact us here, don't forget to attach the logs archive

Change Log

All notable changes of gmsaas are documented in this file.



  • HTTP/HTTPS proxy support with gmsaas config set proxy command
  • --verbose/-v global option to print logs to standard output


  • Improve wording of error messages
  • Improve password cyphering


  • Make ADB Tunnel more resilient: continue running when terminal is closed



  • --quiet/-q option to gmsaas instances list command to print instance UUIDs only



  • gmsaas logzip command to fetch all logs in one ZIP archive


  • Improve gmsaas auth login output in case of failure

1.0.0 (initial release)


  • List device recipes available
  • List running devices
  • Start a device based on one recipe
  • Stop a running device
  • Connect a running device to ADB
  • Disconnect a running device from ADB

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