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A Growl Notification Transport Protocol (GNTP) client library in Python

Project description

gntplib is a Growl Notification Transport Protocol (GNTP) client library in Python.

gntplib is tested on Python 2.7/3.2, Growl 1.3.3 and Growl for Windows 2.0.9.


Simply use pip:

$ pip install gntplib

There are the following optional prerequisites.

  • pycrypto - to use gntplib.ciphers module for message encryption

  • tornado - to use gntplib.async module for asynchronous processing


Release version: (ja)

Development version:


0.5 (2012-04-13)

  • Support SUBSCRIBE request.

    • Add gntplib.subscribe(), gntplib.Subscriber and gntplib.async.AsyncSubscriber.

  • Support Custom Headers and App-Specific Headers.

  • Deprecate gntplib.notify(), gntplib.Notifier() and gntplib.AsyncNotifier() in favor of gntplib.publish(), gntplib.Publisher() and gntplib.async.AsyncPublisher().

  • Deprecate gntplib.RawIcon and gntplib.async.AsyncIcon in favor of gntplib.Resource and gntplib.async.AsyncResource.

0.4 (2012-04-07)

  • Support password and encryption

  • Support Growl for Windows

0.3 (2012-03-30)

  • Support Python 3

0.2 (2012-03-18)

  • Add support for asynchronous processing built on Tornado.

    • Add gntplib.async.AsyncNotifier and gntplib.async.AsyncIcon.

  • Imporve usability of callback.

    • SocketCallback: Now SocketCallback is not a abstract class, but represents a socket callback. Its if_clicked, if_closed and if_timedout methods are replaced with on_click, on_close and on_timeout methods respectively, which can be set at the constructor.

    • Notifier.notify(): Redefine callback argument as for the callback to run after closing the connection with the GNTP server. Add gntp_callback argument for url callback (as string) and socket callback (as SocketCallback instance). Add context, context_type, on_click, on_close and on_timeout arguments to define a socket callback easily.

  • Remove callback argument from gntplib.notify().

  • Rename gntplib.Icon to gntplib.RawIcon.

0.1 (2012-03-12)

  • Initial release.

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