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Zope 3 sources for pycountry databases

Project description

This package lets you use the pycountry database within Zope 3.

In practice, this means e.g., that you can easily get a zope.schema.Choice field to provide a full list of iso 3166 country codes.

For more information about the database please refer to the pycountry product. provides Zope 3 sources for the pycountry databases. You can use it e.g. to get a zope.schema.Choice field with all iso 3166 countries.

>>> import

ISO 3166 countries

For the iso 3166 countries, use the gocept.pycountry.countries sourcefactory:

>>> country_source =
>>> country_source
<zc.sourcefactory.source.FactoredSource object at 0x...>

Use the getValues() method to get an countries iterator:

>>> country_iterator = country_source.factory.getValues()
>>> country_iterator
<listiterator object at 0x...>

That iterator can be used to retrieve the countries:

>>> afghanistan =
>>> afghanistan
<pycountry.db.Country object at 0x...>

The method getTitle(country) returns the iso 3166 name of a country. getToken(country) returns the alpha 2 value of the given country.

>>> country_source.factory.getTitle(afghanistan)
>>> country_source.factory.getToken(afghanistan)

ISO 639 languages

The iso 639 languages are available similar to the countries:

>>> afar =
>>> afar
<pycountry.db.Language object at 0x...>

ISO 15924 scripts

The iso 14924 scripts are available similar to the countries:

>>> arabic =
>>> arabic
<pycountry.db.Script object at 0x...>

ISO 4217 currencies

The iso 4217 currencies are available similar to the countries:

>>> dirham =
>>> dirham
<pycountry.db.Currency object at 0x...>
u'UAE Dirham'


0.2 (unreleased)

0.1 (2008-05-20)

  • initial release

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