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Primarily proivdes zope3 interface definitions for lxml

Project description

This package provides zope interfaces for lxml objects. Far from being complete but a starting point.


Interfaces are here:

>>> import gocept.lxml.interfaces

There is an interface for lxml.etree elements:

>>> import lxml.etree
>>> xml = lxml.etree.fromstring('<a/>')
>>> gocept.lxml.interfaces.IElement.providedBy(xml)

And for objectifieds:

>>> import lxml.objectify
>>> obj = lxml.objectify.fromstring('<a><str>holla</str></a>')
>>> gocept.lxml.interfaces.IElement.providedBy(obj)
>>> gocept.lxml.interfaces.IObjectified.providedBy(obj)
>>> gocept.lxml.interfaces.IElement.providedBy(obj.str)
>>> gocept.lxml.interfaces.IObjectified.providedBy(obj.str)

Objectified parsers

There is a helper for creating objectifieds from file handles in gocept.lxml.objectify. Open a file:

>>> import os.path
>>> import gocept.lxml.objectify
>>> filename = os.path.join(
...     os.path.dirname(__file__),
...     'ftesting.zcml')
>>> xml_file = file(filename)

And parse it:

>>> xml = gocept.lxml.objectify.fromfile(xml_file)
>>> xml
<Element {}configure at ...>

This really is objectified:

>>> gocept.lxml.interfaces.IObjectified.providedBy(xml)
>>> xml.include.get('package')

For convinience fromstring is also defined in gocept.lxml.objectify:

>>> xml = gocept.lxml.objectify.fromstring('<a><b/></a>')
>>> xml
<Element a at ...>
>>> gocept.lxml.interfaces.IObjectified.providedBy(xml)


0.2.1 (2008-02-14)

  • Lifted dependency on lxml<2.0dev so lxml 2 can be used now.

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