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zope.testing layer that integrates Selenium-RC

Project description

Selenium RC integration with zope.testing

gocept.selenium integrates Selenium RC with your Plone/Zope 2/ZTK test suite.

Quick start with ZTK

Assuming that you already have a package that uses zc.buildout and zope.testing, you need to do this to enable Selenium tests:

  1. Add gocept.selenium to the list of eggs either in your, or in buildout.cfg

  2. Install Selenium RC by some means, e.g. by using collective.recipe.seleniumrc:

    recipe = collective.recipe.seleniumrc
    url =
    md5sum = 068b1adb26a7450717e6d6d67e261b58
  3. Run buildout to install gocept.selenium and selenium (the Python bindings for Selenium RC).

  4. Create a layer for your tests, like this:

    import gocept.selenium.ztk
    zcml_layer =
        __name__, __name__, allow_teardown=True)
    selenium_layer = gocept.selenium.ztk.Layer(zcml_layer)

Essentially, the zcml_layer is what you would use for typical ZTK functional tests, and then you wrap it to create selenium_layer.

  1. Start writing tests that inherit gocept.selenium.ztk.TestCase; make sure you set the layer attribute to selenium_layer on each test class.

  2. In your tests, use self.selenium to control Selenium RC, e.g.

    class MyTest(gocept.selenium.ztk.TestCase):
        layer = selenium_layer
        def test(self):
  'http://%s/foo.html' % self.selenium.server)
  3. Run seleniumrc.

  4. Run bin/test and see it work!

Quick start with Zope 2/Plone

Essentially the same, only use gocept.selenium.zope2 or gocept.selenium.plone instead of gocept.selenium.ztk.

Similar packages

zc.selenium – integrates Selenium Core with zope.testing.


Report bugs at <>.

Get the latest source with

svn co gocept.selenium


0.2 (2009-12-18)

  • Make Zope 2 test server reachable from the outside.

  • Implemented getTitle/assertTitle/waitForTitle/etc.

0.1 (2009-11-08)

  • first release

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