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Protect your python source code with one command.

Project description

Goldenmask: Protect your python source code


Goldenmask is a tool to protect your python source code easily. It has two methods at the moment: using Compileall or using Cython. It has a corresponding option named --layer/-l, you can choose your favorite method by yourself. Meanwhile, it can protect different file types: python files end with .py, wheel packages end with .whl and source package end with .tar.gz.

Goldenmask is a name derived from a Chinese kungfu named "JinZhongZhao". Because it is not a qualified phrase in a sense, this name is so unique that can be used as a temporary compilation directory named __goldenmask__ and a compilation information file named .goldenmask which contains the detailed python version string (from sys.version) and the platform string (from platform.unmae()) .

Let's try to goldenmask now!

Quick Start

$ pip install goldenmask

# 默认方法是使用 Compileall 编译为 pyc
$ goldenmask
All done! ✨ 🍰 ✨

$ tree -a .
├── __goldenmask__
│   ├── .goldenmask
│   └── yourpythonfile.pyc

1 directory, 3 files

# 用生成的 .so 文件替换原始的 py 文件
$ goldenmask -i -l 2
All done! ✨ 🍰 ✨

$ tree -a .
├── .goldenmask

0 directories, 2 files


Goldenmask is distributed on PyPI and supports Python 3.6+. You can simply install goldenmask as below:

$ pip install -U goldenmask

However, it's a better choice to use a virtual environment:

$ python -m venv env
# On Windows:
$ .\venv\Scripts\activate
# On Linux:
$ source env/bin/activate
$ pip install goldenmask --upgrade

Because goldenmask depends on Cython, you should make sure that there is an appropriate C compiler on your machine. You can see the detailed guide on Cython's documentation. By the way, if you works on a Linux system, you can easily fetch everything you need with one command sudo apt-get install build-essential on Ubuntu and yum groupinstall "Development Tools" on Centos. However, If you are using Mac OS X or Windows, you may spend quite some time installing this compilers.


You can get everything using option --help:

$ goldenmask --help
Usage: goldenmask [OPTIONS] [FILES_OR_DIRS]...

  Goldenmask is a tool to protect your python source code easily.

  FILES_OR_DIRS can be python files, wheel packages,source packages or dirs
  contain python files.

  -l, --layer <int>  Level of protection: 1 - compileall; 2 - cython.
  -i, --inplace      Whether compile python files in place.
  --no_smart         This will copy and compile everything you specified.
  --help             Show this message and exit.

portect the wheel package:

$ goldenmask goldenmask-0.2.1-py3-none-any.whl 
All done! ✨ 🍰 ✨
$ tree -a .
├── __goldenmask__
│   ├── .goldenmask
│   └── goldenmask-0.2.1-py3-none-any.whl
├── .goldenmask
└── goldenmask-0.2.1-py3-none-any.whl

1 directory, 4 files

protect the source packege:

$ goldenmask -l 2 --inplace goldenmask-0.1.2.tar.gz  
running build_ext
building 'goldenmask.cli' extension
All done! ✨ 🍰 ✨
$ tree -a .
├── .goldenmask
└── goldenmask-0.1.2.tar.gz

protect the dir contians python files:

$ goldenmask pip-download/
All done! ✨ 🍰 ✨


Goldenmask uses Poetry to develop, you can follow these steps to get involved:

  1. fork the project goldenmask
  2. clone the forked project
  3. install Poetry
  4. run poetry install to install dependencies,modify the code, run the tests and finally submit pull requests


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