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Common resources for Data Catalog connectors

Project description


Common resources for Data Catalog connectors.

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Disclaimer: This is not an officially supported Google product.

Table of Contents

1. Installable file build process

1.1. Get the code

git clone
cd datacatalog-connectors/google-datacatalog-connectors-commons

1.2. Virtualenv

Using virtualenv is optional, but strongly recommended.

1.2.1. Install Python 3.6
1.2.2. Create and activate a virtualenv
pip3 install --upgrade virtualenv
python3 -m virtualenv --python python3.6 env
source ./env/bin/activate

2. Developer environment

2.1. Install and run YAPF formatter

pip install --upgrade yapf

# Auto update files
yapf --in-place --recursive src tests

# Show diff
yapf --diff --recursive src tests

# Set up pre-commit hook
# From the root of your git project.
curl -o
chmod a+x
mv .git/hooks/pre-commit

2.2. Install and run Flake8 linter

pip install --upgrade flake8
flake8 src tests

2.3. Install the package in editable mode (i.e. setuptools “develop mode”)

pip install --editable .

2.4. Run the unit tests

python test

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