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A library to scrape and analyze Google Flight data

Project description


A library to scrape and analyze Google Flight data


Clone the repository into your local drive. This project was developed with Poetry as the dependency manager. Simply run poetry install in the cloned directory to install the required dependencies.

Using the library


First define our travel plans:

from google_flight_scraper.query import TravelPlan, FlightQuery

seattle_vacation = TravelPlan(
        f"2023-10-{day}" for day in range(2, 12)

queries = FlightQuery.from_travel_plans(seattle_vacation)

This will set up the library to search for all one-way flights from San Francisco to Seattle/Tacoma between October 2, 2023 and October 12, 2023. Pass the travel plans into FlightQuery for it to construct all the pertinent queries. Any number of travel plans can be provided.

Lastly, we define the webdriver we'd like to use to scrape. A Driver class is provided for easily switching between different browsers and their associated webdrivers.

from selenium import webdriver
from google_flight_scraper.driver import Driver
from google_flight_scraper.scraper import Scraper

with Driver(webdriver.Firefox, webdriver.FirefoxOptions) as driver:
    df = Scraper(timeout_seconds=5)(driver, queries)

Scraped data will be in the df DataFrame for further analysis.

One-way vs return trip behaviour

There is a difference in the way that the library queries return trips and returning one-way flights (return trip, two one-way tickets). The reason for doing this is that the latter may have cheaper flight combinations. We can set up both searches by providing multiple TravelPlan to FlightQuery:

# ...
    # Searches for return trip tickets on Google Flights
        departure_dates=[f"2023-12-{d}" for d in range(1, 10)],
        return_dates=[f"2023-12-{d}" for d in range(11, 20)],
    # Searches to-and-fro one-way tickets on Google Flights
        departure_dates=[f"2023-12-{d}" for d in range(1, 10)],
        departure_dates=[f"2023-12-{d}" for d in range(11, 20)],

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