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Scrape and search localized results from Google, Bing, Baidu at scale using

Project description

# Google Search Results in Python

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This Python package is meant to scrape and parse Google, Bing, Baidu results using [SERP API]( The following services are provided: - [Search API]( - [Search Archive API]( - [Account API]( - [Location API]( (Google Only)

SerpApi provides a [script builder]( to get you started quickly.

Feel free to fork this repository to add more backends.

## Installation

Python 2.7 or 3.7 `bash pip install google-search-results `

[Link to the python package page](

## Quick start

`python from lib.google_search_results import GoogleSearchResults client = GoogleSearchResults({"q": "coffee", "location": "Austin,Texas"}) result = client.get_dict() `

This example runs a search about “coffee” using your secret api key.

The Serp API service (backend) - searches on Google using the client: q = “coffee” - parses the messy HTML responses - return a standardizes JSON response The GoogleSearchResults class - Format the request - Execute GET http request against Serp API service - Parse JSON response into a dictionary Et voila..

Alternatively, you can search: - Bing using BingSearchResults class - Baidu using BaiduSearchResults class

See the [playground to generate your code.](

For more [README](

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