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DigitalOcean snapshot automation service

Project description


DigitalOcean doesn't propose any way of automating snapshots. There are some SaaS that can take care of it but paying to execute some API requests seemed a bit off.

That's why we developed a simple script which you can run with cron jobs or in CI services like Travis for free.


  • Configuration from a single TOML file
  • Droplets snapshots
  • Droplets snapshots pruning
  • Volume snapshots
  • Volume snapshots pruning
  • Slack alerting
  • Add droplets and volumes by tag


  • Python ^3.6
  • A DigitalOcean account


Install it directly from pip:

pip3 install --user goutte

Configuration file

Goutte takes its configuration from a pretty straightforward toml file. We provided and example in goutte.example.toml.

retention = 10     # Number of backups to keep per droplet/volume

names = [          # Array of droplets you want to snapshot

names = [          # Array of volumes you want to snapshot


Goutte takes two arguments which can also be set via environment variables:

# Help Description Environment variable
1 CONFIG Path to the toml configuration file GOUTTE_CONFIG
2 DO_TOKEN Your DigitalOcean API token GOUTTE_DO_TOKEN

  DigitalOcean snapshots automation.

  --only [snapshot|prune]  Only snapshot or only prune
  --debug                  Enable debug logging
  --version                Show the version and exit.
  --help                   Show this message and exit.

Running "snapshot only" for a configuration file containing one droplet and one volume:

$ goutte goutte.toml $do_token --only snapshot
13:32:48 - INFO - Starting goutte v1.0.0
13:32:52 - INFO - sgp1-website-01 - Snapshot (goutte-sgp1-website-01-20181220-56bde)
13:32:59 - INFO - sgp1-mariadb-01 - Snapshot (goutte-sgp1-mariadb-01-20181220-3673d)

Run with Docker

We have a Docker image ready for you to use on Docker Hub. It will read by default the configuration under /goutte/goutte.toml

docker run \
  -e GOUTTE_DO_TOKEN=${do_token} \
  -v $(pwd)/goutte.toml:/goutte/goutte.toml \


You can easily automate it via cron job or by leveraging free CI tools like Travis. We provided and example travis configuration in travis.example.yml.

You just need to set the environment variables on the Travis website and schedule it with the frequency of your backups.


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