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Returns GPS Data from Exif Data in photo. Requires ExifRead.

Project description

# GPSPhoto
# Programmer: Jess Williams
# EMail:
# Purpose: extracts and converts GPS Data from Photos

Module that uses ExifRead to extract GPS Tag Data from photos that
have it. Must have ExifRead module installed. Functions will
return empty dictionaries if photos do not contain GPS Tags.

This program is a work in progress, I do not have access to the way
different devices store thier Exif GPS Data. If the program doesn't
work correctly and the output of the command line with the "-D" option
gives results. Please email me and I will will try to fix it.

python install

import gpsphoto
data = gpsphoto.getGPSData('/path/to/image.jpg')
rawData = gpsphoto.getRawData('/path/to/image.jpg')

for tag in data.keys():
print "%s: %s" % (tag, data[tag])

for tag in rawData.keys():
print "%s: %s" % (tag, rawData[tag])

Command Line:
python "/path/to/image.jpg"

for debugging information if you need to email me a to fix
A bug, please attach the output of the following

python "-D" "/path/to/image.jpg"

Should get an output like the following:

GPS GPSTimeStamp: [16, 12, 28]
Image GPSInfo: 504
GPS GPSLongitude: [106, 34, 585371/10000]
GPS GPSDate: 2016:10:01
GPS GPSLatitudeRef: N
GPS GPSLatitude: [35, 3, 95521/5000]
GPS GPSProcessingMethod: ASCII
GPS GPSLongitudeRef: W
GPS GPSAltitudeRef: 0
GPS GPSAltitude: 1636

coord2decimal(parameter 1, parameter 2)
Function converts degrees, minutes and seconds to decimal. Returns a float.
This Function has two parameters
- parameter 1 is an argument of a list of floating point numbers.
this list either has 2 or 3 elements.
An example of the list with 2 element is:
[45.0, 45.1234]
the first element is degrees the second element is minutes.
An example of the list with 3 elements is
[45.0, 44.0, 55.1234]
the first element is degrees the second element is minutes and
the third element is minutes.
- parameter 2 is a string of one of the following:
'N', 'S', 'E', 'W'
indicating what part of the world, for either Latitude or Longitude.

Function returns a dictionary of GPS Data, with the following keys:
'Latitude', 'Longitude', 'UTC-Time', 'Date', 'Altitude'
Function takes one parameter, a string argument of a path to filename
of an image.

Function returns a dictionary of GPS ExifTags extracted by ExifRead.
Function takes one parameter, a string argument of a path to filename
of an image.

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