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A CLI tool that could debug, explain and create scripts using ChatGPT

Project description

GPT Developer Tools

A CLI utility based on OpenAI's ChatGPT that helps developers in:

  • Debugging
  • Explaning/Documenting an undocumented script
  • Creating new scripts based on prompt



  1. python3 and python3-pip packages should be installed.
  2. OpenAI API Key. You can generate one by visiting

Local Installation

  1. Install gpt-developer-tools PyPI package using pip.
python3 -m pip install gpt-developer-tools
  1. Export OPENAI_API_KEY environment variable.
export OPENAI_API_KEY="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  1. Run gdt command with arguments and options.
gdt explain --path ./ 


  • To debug a script with gdt
gdt debug --path ./
  • To debug first 7 lines of a script
gdt debug --path ./ --line-end 7
  • To debug specific lines of a script
gdt debug --path ./ --line-start 7 --line-end 17
  • To debug a script with a different prompt
gdt debug --path ./ --line-start 7 --line-end 17 --prompt-message "Debug this script"
  • To fetch an explanation/documentation for a script
gdt explain --path ./ --line-start 7 --line-end 17 --prompt-message "Explain this script to me line by line"
  • To create and save a script
gdt create -pm "Write a merge sort program in Java" -w --path ./

Sample Output

Input Script: ./

ChatGPT's Response:

if __name__ == '__main__':

This script is used to debug or explain a script using ChatGPT. The script uses the click library 
to create a command line interface and import the requester and utils modules from the src package. 
The cli() function is used to create the command line group. The debug() and explain() functions are 
used to debug or explain a script respectively. Both functions take in the path to the script, the 
starting and ending line of the script, the model engine, max tokens, number of outputs, temperature 
and prompt message to be used by ChatGPT. The open_ai_api_key is retrieved from the environment 
variable OPENAI_API_KEY and is used to send the request to ChatGPT. Finally, the cli() function is 
called to execute the command line interface.

Development and Testing

  1. Create virtual environment.
python3 -m virtualenv venv
  1. Activate virtual environment.
source venv/bin/activate
  1. Install CLI utility gdt
python3 -m pip install --editable .
  1. Add your OpenAI API key as environment variable. You can generate one from if you already have an OpenAI account.
export OPENAI_API_KEY="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  1. Run gdt utility with target script passed as path
gdt explain --path ./ 

Follow OpenAI's API Documentation for details related to models and predictions.

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