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Python package for manipulating gpx files and easily convert gpx to other different formats.

Project description

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GPX manipulation for humans

Python package for manipulating gpx files and easily convert gpx to other different formats.

When & Why

  • You need to convert GPX to other formats

  • You need to convert other formats like csv to GPX

  • You want to interpolate the GPX coordinates

  • High level of abstraction

  • Stable API

  • easy to use and to extend


I decided to create this project because I had gpx data that I needed to manipulate. I searched for a python package for this but I did not find what I was looking for, therefore I created the gpx-converter package to make gpx files manipulation very easy. Furthermore, the package contains methods for applying interpolation on the gpx data. This feature was very helpful for me since I also needed to interpolate the gpx data and convert it to csv. Feel free to contribute or to give me feedback anytime :)


  • Convert gpx files to other formats such as csv, numpy arrays, dataframes, excel and json

  • Convert csv files to gpx

  • Apply interpolation on the gpx data


$ pip install -U gpx-converter

Quick Usage

from gpx_converter import Converter

Just read the gpx to dictionary

dic = Converter(input_file='your_input.gpx').gpx_to_dictionary(latitude_key='latitude', longitude_key='longitude')
# now you have a dictionary and can access the longitudes and latitudes values from the keys
latitudes = dic['latitude']
longitudes = dic['longitude']

Convert GPX to other formats

  • Convert from gpx to csv:

  • Convert from gpx to excel sheets:

  • Convert from gpx to json:

  • Convert gpx file to dataframe:

df = Converter(input_file='your_input.gpx').gpx_to_dataframe()
  • Convert gpx file to numpy array:

np_array = Converter(input_file='your_input.gpx').gpx_to_numpy_array()

Now convert other formats to GPX

  • csv to gpx

  • excel to gpx

  • dataframe to gpx (notice that the method is static)

  • json to gpx

  • Automate the conversion of multiple csv file to gpx:

  • Apply spline interpolation on gpx file (you need to install scipy for this to work):

interpolated_coordinates = Converter.spline_interpolation(cv=your_array_of_control_vertices)

Usage from terminal

Alternatively you can use the gpx_converter directly from terminal. You just need to pass the function, input file and output file as arguments.

  • function: the conversion method you want to use. For example “gpx_to_csv”

  • input file: path to your input file

  • output file: path to your output file

$ gpx_converter --function "gpx_to_csv" --input_file "home/your_input.gpx" --output_file "home/your_output.csv"

or maybe you prefer the short version

$ gpx_converter -func "gpx_to_csv" -in "home/your_input.gpx" -out "home/your_output.csv"


Contributions are always welcome. Make sure you check the guidlines first

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