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CLI endpoint to handle (ASP encoded) graphs

Project description

# Grasp
Graph with ASP made easy.

## Use cases

### Write an ASP graph into gexf

grasp convert data.lp target.gexf

### Extract the biggest cc, write it anonymized in gml

grasp split data.lp --biggest-first "data_cc.lp" --slice 0 1
grasp convert data_cc_1.lp target.gml --anonymized

### Generate a small world graph in gml

grasp generate data.gml erdos_renyi_graph n=100 p=0.01

## Packaging

pip install graph-asp

Will also populate your env with the executable `grasp`,
enabling access to the CLI.

Note that the package *grasp* exists, but is unrelated to this work.

## CLI commands
CLI provides access to higher level [routines](grasp/

- `split`: split by connected component.
- `info`: give info about given graph.
- `convert`: rewrite, anonymize or convert the graph to (clean) ASP or standard format.
- `generate`: generate a graph using a given generation method.
<!-- - `compress`: produce the powergraph compression of given graph as a bubble file -->
<!-- - ``: -->

### Other examples

# split a graph by cc
python -m grasp split data.lp -o "data_{}.lp"

# get infos
python -m grasp infos data.lp --graph-properties

# there is a shitload of options
python -m grasp infos --help

# conversions between formats
python -m grasp convert data.lp data.gml --anonymize

# generation of new graphs to play with
python -m grasp generate graph.gml powerlaw_cluster_graph n=5 m=2 p=0.01

Project details

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