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Escape Graphinder

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Graphinder is a tool that extracts all GraphQL endpoints from a given domain.


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Run with docker

docker pull escapetech/graphinder
docker run -it --rm escapetech/graphinder -d

If you want to save your results.json file, you can use:

docker run -it --name graphinder escapetech/graphinder -d
docker cp graphinder:/graphinder/results.json results.json
docker rm -f graphinder

Or if you want to pass a file containing domain names (one per line):

docker run -v /full/path/to/file.csv:/graphinder/file.csv -it --rm escapetech/graphinder --inplace -f /graphinder/file.csv

Install using Pip

pip install graphinder

# using specific python binary
python3 -m pip install graphinder

Run it with

graphinder ...


A Scan consistes of:

  • Running on a specific domain (-d, --domain) or a list of domains (-f, --input-file).
  • Searching all scripts loaded by the browser for graphql endpoint (-s, --script)
  • Brute forcing the directories of all discovered urls (-b, --bruteforce)
  • Using precision mode (-p, --precision)

By default, bruteforce and script search are enabled.

graphinder -d
graphinder -f domains.txt

Extra features

  • --no-bruteforce: Disable bruteforce
  • --no-script: Disable script search
  • -p --precision --no-precision: Enable/disable precision mode (default: enabled) (precision mode is slower but more accurate)
  • -f --input-file <FILE_PATH>: Input domain names from file
  • -w --max-workers <int>: Maximum of concurrent workers on multiple domains.
  • -o --output-file <FILE_PATH>: Output the results to file
  • -v --verbose --no-verbose: Verbose mode
  • -r --reduce: The maximum number of subdomains to scan.
  • -wb --webhook_url: The discord webhook url to send the results to.

If you experience any issues, irregularities or networking bottlenecks, please reduce your number of workers, otherwise, better is your network, the more workers you can have.

Local installation

Clone the repository and run the installation script

git clone
cd Graphinder

Run this command to enter the virtual enviroment

poetry shell

Profit !

graphinder -d

How do you make sure this is a valid graphql endpoint ?



Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.

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