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Search, scrape, and render citation graphs.

Project description


Getting Started

Use pip to install gref. Then, run Python from the command line.

> pip install gref
> python

Once Python is running, import gref and call the main function.

>>> import gref
>>> gref.main()


Upon booting gref, we are welcomed and can SEARCH for articles:

    Welcome :-)

α > search bibliometrics

     PMID: 31995273
    Title: Application of bibliometrics in medicine: a historical bibliometrics
       By: Kokol, Blažun Vošner, Završnik

     PMID: 34586077
    Title: Scholarly Productivity Evaluation of KL2 Scholars Using
           Bibliometrics and Federal Follow-on Funding: Cross-Institution
       By: Qua, Yu, Patel, Dave, Cornelius, Pelfrey


Once we have an article that we like, we can ADD a new file within the gref database, and then ADD a new reference (using the PubMed ID) to the active file:

α > add biblio


δ > add 31995273

    Found 31995273...

Now comes the fun part, growing the search! Let's use the GROW command and specify 5 cycles (each cycle grabs 5 articles):

δ > grow 5

    Found 34169036...
    Found 30951931...
    Found 33240559...
    Found 34306062...
    Found 34150972...


Finally, let's render out an SVG file, using the command of the same name:

δ > svg

    dot -Tsvg gref/gv/biblio.gv -o gref/svg/biblio.svg

Congratulations! You have now rendered your first citation graph. This source vector graphics file supports hyperlinks. Try opening some of the references on the example graph in a new tab. Also, notice the tooltips as you hover over a reference! Otherwise, check out some of the other outputs found in the example database.

Available Commands

State Command Description
α ADD Add a new file to the database, becomes active
δ ADD Add a new PubMed ID to the active file
δ CSV Export articles to a table
* EXIT Exit the program
δ GROW Find related articles, can specify number of cycles
δ GV Render out a GV file, this is the base graph
* HELP Help page for command state and usage
α LOAD Load a file from the database, becomes active
δ PDF Render out a PDF file
α PEEK Peek the files in the database
δ PEEK Peek the articles in the active file
δ PNG Render out a PNG file, can specify DPI
α RM Remove a file from the database
* SEARCH Search PubMed, query follows command
δ SVG Render out a SVG file, has hyperlink support
δ TXT ESSAY Export a fake essay on the topic, can specify word number
δ TXT NGRAM Export N-grams from all abstracts, can specify N
δ UNLOAD Unload active file

Project details

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