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Git Review Interface for Gerrit and Github

Project description

gri : Git Reduced Interface

gri is a CLI tool that lists git reviews from multiple servers in a way that makes easier to to identify which one need you attention.

Currently supported backends are Gerrit and GitHub but it should be easy to add others if needed.



  • combines results from multiple Gerrit or GitHub servers
  • uses terminal clickable links to make it easy to access these reviews
  • displays important metadata related to reviews in a compressed format
  • reviews are sorted based on probablility of getting merged
  • allows user to abandon very old reviews
  • can be used to query:
    • already merged reviews
    • incoming reviews (where you are a reviewer)
    • reviewes created by other users than yourself
  • produce HTML reports


pip install gri


You can just run gri, or python -m gri in order to get a list of your current reviews, aslo known as outgoing reviews.

GRI uses a simple config file ~/.config/gri/gri.yaml but when the file is missing, it will try to load servers from ~/.gertty.yaml in case you have one.

$ gri --help
Usage: gri [OPTIONS] COMMAND1 [ARGS]... [COMMAND2 [ARGS]...]...

  -a, --abandon              Abandon changes (delete for drafts) when they are
                              >90 days old and with negative score. Requires -f
                             to perform the action.
  -z, --abandon-age INTEGER  default=90, number of days for which changes are
                             subject to abandon
  -u, --user TEXT            Query another user than self
  -s, --server TEXT          [0,1,2] key in list of servers, Query a single
                             server instead of all
  -o, --output TEXT          Filename to dump the result in, currently only
                             HTML is supported
  -f, --force                Perform potentially destructive actions.
  -d, --debug                Debug mode
  --help                     Show this message and exit.

  incoming  Incoming reviews (not mine)
  merged    merged in the last number of days
  owned     Changes originated from current user (implicit)


Are you missing a feature, just check if there is a bug open for it and add a new one if not. Once done, you are welcomed to make a PR that implements the missing change.

Related tools

  • git-review is the git extension for working with gerrit, where I am also one of the core contributors.
  • gertty is a very useful tui for gerrit which inspired me but which presents one essential design limitation: it does not work with multiple Gerrit servers.
  • gerrit-view is a vscode plugin that can be installed from Visual Studio Marketplace.


  1. gri name comes from my attempt to find a short name that was starting with g (from git/gerrit) and preferably sounds like cli.

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