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REST-ful API for Gridder.

Project description


A REST-ful API for Gridder. Generate grids or tiles over existing images or as stand-alone images.



Set up a server and run to be able to receive requests.

Be sure to create a directory named output at the same level as the main script.

NOTE: Gridder-REST stores the uploaded images and the prepared images before sending them back to the user, but no clean up occurs. It is the responsibility of the server to clean up the directory of all the png files created by Gridder-REST.


Send a request containing, at a minimum, the size parameter, to one of the available endpoints (see below) depending on the desired shape of the grid.

See below for a list of allowed and required parameters.


Requests can be made with two possible methods:


GET requests create brand-new images. In addition to the size parameter, width and height parameters are required to determine the size of the output.


POST requests draw grids over pre-existing images. In addition to the size parameter, the base image to draw on must be provided in the form-data under the base key.


Requests with the allowed methods and parameters must be sent to one of the following endpoints.

All endpoints accept GET and POST methods, with the exception of the / index endpoint, which only accepts GET.


Provides basic usage instructions.


A square grid. The size parameter equals the side of the square.


A grid of vertical lines. The size parameter equals the distance between the lines.


A grid of horizontal lines. The size parameter equals the distance between the lines.


A grid of hexagonal tiles arranged vertically (with top and bottom being flat). The size parameter equals the height of each hex.


A grid of hexagonal tiles arranged horizontally (with left and right being flat). The size parameter equals the width of each hex.


All parameters are optional except for size and, for GET method, width and height.

Where applicable, measures can be entered in centimetres, millimetres or inches by appending cm, mm or in to the amount.


Determines the size of the grid. For details, refer to specific endpoints.

height, width

Height and width of the output image. Only allowed with GET method.


Colour of the background of the image. Can be a colour name or hexadecimal colour value like #000000. Only allowed with GET method.


Colour of the line used to draw the grid.

padding, pt, pr, pb, pl

Padding around the grid, before the image bounds.

Options for specific padding on the top pt, right pr, bottom pb and left pl margins are available and, if present, have priority over the generic padding option.


Line width of the lines used to draw the grid.


Name of the output file. If an extension other than png is entered, it is used as part of the file name: the output will always be in png format.

Response codes

200 OK

Everything went as expected and appropriate output was produced.

400 Bad Request

A POST request was made without correctly including the base file.

415 Unsupported Media Type

A POST request was made using a base file in a format unreadable by the backend. Convert the file to a more common format and retry.

422 Unprocessable Entity

One or more required parameter are missing or were provided in unreadable form.

500 Server Error

Something went wrong with the backend. Please contact the author providing details on what you tried so the problem may be fixed, if it's due to a bug.

Project details

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gridder-rest-1.0.1.tar.gz (18.7 kB view hashes)

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gridder_rest-1.0.1-py3-none-any.whl (17.1 kB view hashes)

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