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Easily map Python functions onto a cluster using a DRMAA-compatible grid engine like Sun Grid Engine (SGE).

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A package to allow you to easily create jobs on the cluster directly from Python. You can directly map Python functions onto the cluster without needing to write any wrapper code yourself.

This is the ETS fork of an older project called Python Grid. Unlike the older version, it is Python 2/3 compatible. Another major difference is that you can change the configuration via environment variables instead of having to modify a Python file in your site-packages directory. We’ve also removed some cruft and improved the reliability of some of the features.

For some examples of how to use it, check out (for a simple example of how you can map a function onto the cluster) and (for an example of how you can create list of jobs yourself) in the examples folder.

For complete documentation read the docs.

NOTE: You cannot use GridMap on a machine that is not allowed to submit jobs (e.g., slave nodes).



  • GPLv3


  • v0.11.1
    • Made web front-end for job monitoring a separate script, gridmap_web, since it can be used to talk to any JobMonitor instance. (Fixes #14)
    • Fixed crash if a stalled job comes back from the dead (#15).
    • Fixed crash if job’s hostname is somehow not in white list and the job needs to be resubmitted (#16).
    • Fixed crash from trying to set matplotlib back-end multiple times.
    • Cleaned up some imports and removed some unused variables.
  • v0.11.0
    • Vastly more reliable job completion information thanks to switch back to using 0MQ for communication with worker nodes. No more unpickling exceptions because the SGE DRMAA implementation frequently liked to say jobs were finished when they were not.
    • Add back web monitor to report basic job status.
    • Switch to using custom fork of drmaa-python until drmaa-python/drmaa-python#4, which fixes Python 3 compatibility issues, gets merged.
    • Now creates temporary directory for storing log files if it doesn’t exist.
    • Travis-CI SGE installation has been streamlined.
    • Switch to using sphinx and readthedocs for documentation.
    • Added detection of stalled jobs. GridMap will also automatically restart any jobs that appear stuck (up to 3 times by default), and email you a report describing their CPU and memory usage over time.
  • v0.10.3
    • Fix issue where clean_path wasn’t being called on the working directory, which was causing ETS-specific issues.
    • Add a couple workarounds for issues with setting environment variables in Python 3.
    • Made examples into unit tests and added first attempt at getting Travis setup with SGE.
  • v0.10.2
    • Working directory is now correctly set for each job.
    • Simplified handling of environment variables. Should now all be passed on properly.
  • v0.10.1
    • Can now import JobException directly from gridmap package instead of having to import from gridmap.job.
  • v0.10.0
    • Now raise a JobException instead of an Exception when one of the jobs has crashed.
    • Fixed potential pip installation issue from importing package for version number.
  • v0.9.9
    • Changed way job results are retrieved to be a bit more efficient in cases of errors.
    • All job metadata is now retrieved before job output is, which should hopefully alleviate issues where we can’t get the metadata because its been flushed too quickly by the grid engine.
  • v0.9.8
    • Fixed a bug where only the first error was still showing because of an extra exception caused by job_output being undefined.
    • Fixed unhandled Exception with error code 24 (since somehow that is not an InvalidJobException, but just an Exception in drmaa-python).
  • v0.9.7
    • No longer dies with InvalidJobException when failing to retrieve job metadata from DRMAA service.
    • Now print all exceptions encountered for jobs submitted instead of just exiting after first one.
    • Die via exception instead of sys.exit when there were problems with some of the submitted jobs.
  • v0.9.6
    • Fixed bug where jobs were being aborted before they ran.
  • v0.9.5
    • Fixed bug where GRID_MAP_USE_MEM_FREE would only be interpretted as true if spelled ‘True’.
    • Added documentation describing how to override constants.
  • v0.9.4
    • Added support for overriding the default queue and other constants via environment variables. For example, to change the default queue, just set the environment variable GRID_MAP_DEFAULT_QUEUE.
    • Substantially more information is given about crashing jobs when we fail to unpickle the results from the Redis database.
  • v0.9.3
    • Fixed serious bug where gridmap could not be imported in some instances.
    • Refactored things a bit so there is no longer one large module with all of the code in it. (Doesn’t change package interface)

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