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Ingests data from Grinder logs into Graphite where it can be visualized.

Project description


Grinder to Graphite (g2g) is a tool that analyzes the logs from your Grinder tests, and sends the data into Graphite where it can be visualized in a variety of ways.

Realtime test data may be sent to Graphite while your Grinder run is in progress, or it may be sent to Graphite after your test is completed.

Once the data is in Graphite you have a great amount of felxibility in the types of reports and visualizations you want to generate.

Who should use g2g?

  • Grinder users who have Graphite set up already, or who don’t mind installing it.

  • People who want to integrate data from The Grinder with data from a variety of other sources. (OS metrics like CPU use, application metrics like DB lookups per second, etc.)

Who should use Grinder Analyzer instead of g2g?

If you just want to get some fast, simple graphs from your Grinder run, without a lot of setup hassle, Grinder Analyzer is probably a better bet for you than g2g. See:


g2g is written in Python. The best way to install g2g is via pip.

pip install grinder_to_graphite

Once pip has installed g2g, you will need to generate a config file, and edit it to be suitable for your environment. G2g comes with a command-line option to generate a sample config file

g2g -e

This will generate a file named ‘g2g.sample.conf’ which you can use as the basis for creating your own configuration.

There must be a running installation of Graphite on your network for GLF to forward data to. See the Graphite web site for details on setting up and configuring Graphite

If you want to use the realtime feature, you will have to insall Logster too. You need a version newer than March 25, 2013.


There are two executables installed with Grinder to Graphite: g2g and lg2g. g2g is for forwarding data from completed grinder runs to Graphite. lg2g is for forwarding live (realtime) data. (lg2g requires a current Logster install.)

(after adjusting the values in your sample config file to be appropriate for your environment)

g2g  <config_file>

To see a full list of your options:

g2g --help
lg2g --help

Additional Resources

Java/JMX counters and application-level metrics can be fed to Graphite using the JMXTrans tool:

OS-level metrics (CPU, mem, etc.) can be fed to Graphite via quickstatd or collectd (with graphite plugin)

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