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Python client for GRIP meetings API

Project description

GRIP Intros API - Python SDK

( Unofficial )


Requires python 3.3+


pip install grip-intros

Basic Usage

First of all create a client instance, supplying your api token

from grip_intros.client import GRIPClient
client = GRIPClient(api_key=<your api key>, test_mode=True)

Get a list of containers

In [3]: containers = client.list_containers()
In [4]: containers
[<grip_intros.container.Container at 0x5cc7b70>, <grip_intros.container.Container at 0x4ef5330>]

Create a container

In [5]: data = { "name": "My Test Container", "description": "Test" }

In [6]: container = client.create_container(data)

In [7]: container
Out[7]: <grip_intros.container.Container at 0x7292370>

In [8]: vars(container)
{'active': 1,
'application_id': 41,
'branch_url': None,
'color': None,
'connections_count': 0,
'date_active': None,
'date_created': 1515512190,
'date_updated': None,
'description': 'Test',

List Things

In [11]: things = client.get_things(container_id=containers[1].id)

In [12]: things
[<grip_intros.thing.Thing at 0x6fd7cb0>,
<grip_intros.thing.Thing at 0x6fc67f0>,
<grip_intros.thing.Thing at 0x6fc64d0>,
<grip_intros.thing.Thing at 0x6fc66f0>,
<grip_intros.thing.Thing at 0x6fc6650>,
<grip_intros.thing.Thing at 0x6fc6df0>,
<grip_intros.thing.Thing at 0x6fc6dd0>,
<grip_intros.thing.Thing at 0x6fc6630>,
<grip_intros.thing.Thing at 0x6fc65f0> ...

Create a Thing

In [13]: data = { "name": "Test", "email": "" }

In [14]: thing = client.create_thing(data)

In [15]: thing
Out[15]: <grip_intros.thing.Thing at 0x707fd90>

In [16]: vars(thing)
Out[16]: {'id': 190176, 'uri': '/1/thing/190176'}

Fetch a Thing

In [17]: thing = client.get_thing(

In [18]: vars(thing)
{'active': 1,
'application_id': 41,
'can_meet': 1,
'can_swipe': 1,
'categories': [],
'categories_ids': [],
'company_name': None,
'current_position': {},
'date_created': 1515512531,
'date_updated': None,
'email': '',
'first_name': None,
'gps_lat': None,

More to follow....

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grip-intros-0.1.2.dev0.tar.gz (4.9 kB view hashes)

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