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A easy-to-use command-line interface generator

Project description

Groom, is an easy-to-use command-line application framework.

This module defines an even much easier way to make user-friendly command-line interfaces than any others else. Once you define a function as the entry point of your application, Groom will automatically detect how to parse sys.argv and apply it to your application. Groom also generates help and usage messages and issue errors when users set invalid arguments to your application.


Have you never wanted to create CLI tools with python more easily? Groom brings you an easier way to create CLI tools.

Here is an example:

import sys
from groom import positional, optional, Dispatcher

__version__ = '1.0'

def calculate(
    num1: positional(float, "former number", required=True, var_name='N1'),
    num2: positional(float, "latter number", required=True, var_name='N2'),
    operator: optional(str, "operator name", short_name='op')='add'):
  if operator == 'add':
    print(num1 + num2)
  if operator == 'sub':
    print(num1 - num2)
  if operator == 'mul':
    print(num1 * num2)
  if operator == 'div':
    print(num1 / num2)
  print("unknown operator:", operator, file=sys.stderr)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    "calculate one of four arithmetic operations"

…and then, you can call the program like this:

$ python 1 2 -op div

Once you call this program with -h or --help, Groom displays the help messages:

$ python -h 1.0

calculate one of four arithmetic operations

Usage: [-v | --version | -h | --help] <N1> <N2>
    [--operator <OPERATOR> | -op <OPERATOR>]

positional parameters:
  former number
  type: float
  required: True
  latter number
  type: float
  required: True

--operator, -op:
  operator name
  type: str
  required: False
  multiple values: False
  default: add

Groom can handle 6 primitive types such as str, int, float, complex and bool and list of those types. If you specify another as a parameter type, Groom will throw TypeError.

Groom is licensed under the MIT License, for further details see LICENSE.txt.

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