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Package for sending/recieving messages to/from a gRPC server.

Project description

Robot gRPC package

This package allows sending/receiving messages in a gRPC event stream.

Supported devices

This gRPC ROBOT library is intended to support different Protocol Buffer definitions. Precondition is that python files generated from Protocol Buffer files are available in a pip package which must be installed before the library is used.

Supported device Pip package Pip package version Library Name
dmi device-management-interface 0.9.1 grpc_robot.Dmi
0.9.2 grpc_robot.Dmi
0.9.3 grpc_robot.Dmi
0.9.4 grpc_robot.Dmi
0.9.5 grpc_robot.Dmi
0.9.6 grpc_robot.Dmi
0.9.8 grpc_robot.Dmi
0.9.9 grpc_robot.Dmi
0.10.1 grpc_robot.Dmi
0.10.2 grpc_robot.Dmi
0.12.0 grpc_robot.Dmi
1.0.0 grpc_robot.Dmi
1.2.1 grpc_robot.Dmi
1.4.0 grpc_robot.Dmi
1.13.0 grpc_robot.Dmi
1.13.1 grpc_robot.Dmi
1.16.0 grpc_robot.Dmi
voltha voltha-protos 4.0.13 grpc_robot.Voltha
4.2.0 grpc_robot.Voltha


The package also offers some keywords for convenience to work with Robot Framework.

List of keywords:

The list of keywords may can be extended by request if required.


pip install robot-grpc

How to use robot-grpc in Robot Framework

The library has a named parameter version to indicate the ProtoBuf file set to be used.

Import Library    grpc_robot.Dmi
Import Library    grpc_robot.Voltha
Import Library    grpc_robot.Collections
Import Library    grpc_robot.DmiTools
Import Library    grpc_robot.VolthaTools

How to update the grpc-robot to support newer DMI versions (e.g. 1.4.0)

  1. Create a new version folder “dmi_1_4_0” in “/grpc-robot/grpc_robot/services/dmi”
  2. Place an and a dmi.json file in this folder:
    • In most cases the file can be copied from the last dmi version's folder and updated to the dmi version from which the new version shall derive.
    • The dmi.json file must be created. Please check chapter "How to create the dmi.json file"
  3. If the new DMI version introduces new RPCs or the types of the parameter and/or the return have been changed for some RPC the according keyword files from the last DMI version must be edited and placed into the new folder. It is not neccessary to update the keyword files if the content of the RPC have changed. For each RPC which shall be supported by the grpc-robot a keyword must be defined in the files.
  4. Update the file with the new version.
  5. Update the documentation string of class GrpcDmiRobot in file "/grpc-robot/grpc_robot/" and/or "/grpc-robot/grpc_robot/".
  6. Update the tests if required.
  7. Update the VERSION file for the library version.
  8. Create the new package and upload it to
    • cd /robot-grpc
    • rm dist/*; python3 sdist bdist_wheel
    • PYTHONPATH=/robot-grpc source MAKEDOC
    • rm dist/*; python3 sdist bdist_wheel
    • pip uninstall -y grpc-robot; pip install dist/*.tar.gz
    • twine upload dist/*

How to create the dmi.json file

The json file is the conversion of the ProtoBuf files content into json format which is used by the library.

  1. Clone or update the repository Make sure the VERSION file shows the desired DMI version. If not checkout the version of interest.

  2. In the command line interface run the command:

    • grpc_robot.protop -i -o dmi

    e.g. grpc_robot.protop -i ~/repositories/device-management-interface/protos/dmi -o /robot-grpc/grpc_robot/services/ dmi 1.4.0

NOTE: If an error "parsy.ParseError: expected one of ..." occurs: most-likely it is a block-comment (/* ... */) in the *.proto file. Simply remove that block-comment and retry.

Project details

Download files

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grpc_robot-2.11.0.tar.gz (1.3 MB view hashes)

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grpc_robot-2.11.0-py3-none-any.whl (144.4 kB view hashes)

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