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Simple wrapper around gevent's wsgi server.Adds simple regex routing, error handling, and json/jsonp handling.

Project description

gserver 0.1.6

Simple wrapper around gevent that provides a basic routing engine and JSON/JSONP handling.

Here’s a simple usage example:

from gevent.monkey import patch_all; patch_all()
from gevent import queue

from gserver.routes import Routes
from gserver.request import parse_vals
from gserver.wsgi import WSGIServer

routes = Routes()
route = routes.route
route_json = routes.route_json

def example(req):
        return "hello"

def poll(request):
        yield ' ' * 1000
        yield "hello"
        yield "goodbye" # connection is closed at this point

def queue(request):
        def process(b):
                b.put("goodbye") # does not close the connection

        body = queue.Queue()
        body.put(' ' * 1000)
        gevent.spawn(process, body)
        return body

@route_json("^/example/(?P<name>\w+)/$", method="GET,POST")
def example_name(request, name=None):
        query_age, query_height = parse_vals(request.form_data, "age", "height")

        return { "name": name,
                         "age": query_age,
                         "height": query_height }

if __name__ == "__main__":
        server = WSGIServer('', 9191, routes, log=None)

get gserver

Install gevent, and it’s dependencies greenlet and libevent:

sudo easy_install gserver

Download the latest release from Python Package Index or clone the repository

More documentation is on it’s way (check the site for updates)

Provide any feedback and issues on the bug tracker, that should be coming soon.

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