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A Gtk+ time tracking application

Project description

GTimeLog is a simple app for keeping track of time.

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GTimeLog is packaged for Debian and Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install gtimelog

For Ubuntu, a newer version can usually be found in the PPA:

You can fetch the latest released version from PyPI

$ pip install gtimelog
$ gtimelog

You can run it from a source checkout without an explicit installation step:

$ git clone
$ cd gtimelog
$ make
$ ./gtimelog

System requirements:

  • Python (2.7 or 3.3+)

  • PyGObject

  • gobject-introspection type libraries for GTK+, Pango

  • GTK+ 3.10 or newer (3.14 or newer for best results)


This is work in progress:



Mailing list: (archive at

IRC: #gtimelog on

Source code:

Report bugs at

There’s an old bugtracker at

I sometimes also browse distribution bugs:


GTimeLog was mainly written by Marius Gedminas <>.

Barry Warsaw <> stepped in as a co-maintainer when Marius burned out. Then Barry got busy and Marius recovered.

Many excellent contributors are listed in CONTRIBUTORS.rst


0.11.2 (2018-11-03)

  • Window menu now includes items previously shown only in the app menu: Preferences, About (GH: #126).

  • Keyboard shortcuts window (press Ctrl+Shift+?).

  • Dropped the help page (there was only one and it was only listing keyboard shortucts, and it was also incomplete and had no translations).

  • Bugfix: if timelog.txt was a symlink, changes to the symlink target would not get noticed automatically (GH: #128).

0.11.1 (2018-07-18)

  • The undocmented remote task list over HTTP(S) feature is now able to ask for basic HTTP authentication credentials and store them in gnome-keyring (GH: #109).

  • Bugfix: entries with just a category and no task that did not have a trailing space after the ‘:’ were considered to be uncategorized (GH: #117).

  • Add Python 3.7 support.

  • Drop Python 3.3 support.

0.11 (2017-12-16)

  • A complete rewrite of the user interface, to better fit GNOME 3 (GH: #31). Requires GTK+ 3.10, but newer versions are better.

  • History browsing can show you weeks/months, not just days.

  • You can filter the displayed tasks, with a total shown at the bottom (GH: #88).

  • There’s now a preferences dialog (GH: #47).

  • Window size and task pane size/visibility are remembered across restarts (GH: #30).

  • Settings are stored in GSettings. The old config file will be imported on first startup.

  • Work hours and office hours are separate settings now (GH: #46).

  • Native support for emailing reports. Requires a configured MTA on the local machine (i.e. /usr/sbin/sendmail).

  • There’s a help page listing all the keyboard shortcuts.

  • The user interface can be translated (and is translated into Lithuanian). Reports are an exception (GH: #45).

  • More efficient file change watching (GH: #11).

  • Dropped features:

    • No more tray icons.

    • Dropped –tray, –toggle, –quit, –sample-config command line options.

    • The “Reload” menu option and hot key are gone – reloading is automatic now.

    • Report for a custom date range is gone.

    • “Complete report in spreadsheet” is gone.

    • “Work/slacking stats in spreadsheet” is gone.

    • Setting for editor is gone: the default file association for text files will be used.

    • Settings for mailer is gone: mail sending is internal now.

    • Setting for spreadsheet is gone.

    • Separate setting to show remaining office hours is gone (set office hours to 0 to hide the estimate).

Older versions

See the full changelog.

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