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A Gtk+ time tracking application

Project description

Simple and unintrusive time-tracking application.

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Changes in version 0.4.0 (released 2010-09-03)

  • Added configuration variable ‘chronological’ to control initial view of either Chronological (True) or Grouped (False). Contributed by Barry Warsaw <> (LP: #628876)

  • Recognize $GTIMELOG_HOME environment variable to use something other than ~/.gtimelog as the configuration directory. Contributed by Barry Warsaw <> (LP: #628873)

  • Changed application name to ‘GTimeLog Time Tracker’ in the desktop file (Debian #595280)

Changes in version 0.3.2 (released 2010-07-22)

  • Double-clicking a category in task list tries hard to focus the input box (fixes:

  • Change default mailer to quote the command passed to x-terminal-emulator -e; this makes it work with Terminator (also tested with xterm and gnome-terminal). Fixes

    Note: if you’ve used gtimelog before, you’ll have to manually edit ~/.gtimelog/gtimelogrc and change the mailer line from

    mailer = x-terminal-emulator -e mutt -H %s


    mailer = x-terminal-emulator -e “mutt -H %s”

  • Use xdg-open by default for editing timelog.txt and opening spreadsheets. Fixes

    Note: if you’ve used gtimelog before, you’ll have to manually edit ~/.gtimelog/gtimelogrc and change

    editor = gvim spreadhsheet = oocalc %s


    editor = xdg-open spreadsheet = xdg-open %s

Changes in version 0.3.1 (released 2009-12-18)

  • Fixed broken sdist (by adding, since setuptools doesn’t understand bzr by default).

  • Added Makefile for convenience (make distcheck, make release).

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