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A Gtk+ time tracking application

Project description

Simple and unintrusive time-tracking application.

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0.8.0 (2012-08-24)

  • History browsing (LP: #220778).

  • New setting to hide the tasks pane on startup (LP: #767096).

  • Reload timelog.txt automatically when it changes (LP: #220775).

  • Fix segfault on startup (LP: #1016212).

  • Summary view (Alt-3) that shows total work in each category.

  • Fix popup menu on the task pane (LP: #1040031).

  • New command-line option: –prefer-pygtk. Only useful for testing against the deprecated PyGtk bindings instead of the modern pygobject-introspection.

  • New command-line option: –quit.

  • Fix popup menu of the tray icon (LP: #1039977).

  • Fix crash on exit when using Gtk+ 2 (LP: #1040088).

  • New command-line option: –debug.

  • New command-line option: –version.

0.7.1 (2012-02-01)

  • Fix reporting problems with non-ASCII characters when using gobject-introspection (LP: #785578).

  • Fix ^C not exiting the app when using gobject-introspection.

  • Implement panel icon color autodetection logic that was missing in the gobject-introspection case (LP: #924390).

  • New command-line option: –help.

  • New command-line option: –replace. Requires that the running version support the new DBus method ‘Quit’, which was also added in this version.

  • Messages printed to stdout are prefixed by “gtimelog” (GUI app output often ends up in ~/.xsession-errors, it’s polite to identify yourself when writing there).

  • DBus errors do not pass silently.

0.7.0 (2011-09-21)

  • Use gobject-introspection by default, using pygtk only as a fallback. This will require a newer gir1.2-pango-1.0 than what’s in Ubuntu Oneiric (LP: #855076) and still suffers from key presses being ignored (LP: #849732). Unset the environment variable UBUNTU_MENUPROXY to work around the latter bug.

  • Rework the gi/pygtk imports so that only the minimum is wrapped in a try-except.

  • Use /usr/bin/env python in #! line, though this should be hard-coded to the installed version of Python in the Debian package.

  • Other code cleanup (e.g. use new-style classes via __metaclass__, remove ancient workaround for missing set built-in).

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