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A module for parsing GTINs ("Global Trade Item Numbers"—also known as UPC/EAN/JAN/ISBN).

Project description

To install:

$ pip install gtin


This class represents a Global Trade Item Number, and can be used to:

  • Identify a trade item’s GCP (GS1 Company Prefix), Item Reference, and Indicator Digit.
  • Validate a GTIN’s check-digit.
  • Calculate a check-digit from a raw GTIN.



A string or number representing a GTIN, including the check-digit.

  • When the gtin parameter is provided, the last (rightmost) digit is used to validate the GTIN if no value is provided for the parameter check_digit.

The length of the GTIN.

  • If no value is passed for length, and gtin is a strlength is inferred based on the character length of gtin.
  • If no value is passed for length, gtin is None, and raw is a strlength is inferred based on the length of raw (adding 1, to account for the absent check-digit).
  • If no length is passed, and none can be inferred from gtin or raw, length defaults to 14.

A string or number representing the GTIN, excluding the check-digit.

  • If a value is provided for the parameter gtin, this parameter is not used, but is instead derived from gtin.

In lieu of passing a complete GTIN, with or without the check-digit, using the above parameters—it is possible to pass the components of the GTIN separately: the indicator digit, GCP (GS1 Company Prefix), item reference, and (optionally) the check-digit.


This is the first (leftmost) digit of a GTIN-14.

  • “0” indicates a base unit.
  • “1” through “8” are used to define the packaging hierarchy of a product with the same item reference.
  • “9” indicates a variable-measure trade item.

The GS1 Company Prefix is a globally unique identifier assigned to a company by GS1 Member Organizations to create the identification numbers of the GS1 System. Company Prefixes, which vary in length, are comprised of a GS1 Prefix and a Company Number.


The item reference is the part of the GTIN that is allocated by the user to identify a trade item for a given Company Prefix. The Item Reference varies in length as a function of the Company Prefix length.


A mod-10 algorithm digit used to check for input errors. To understand how this digit is calculated, refer to: If this parameter is provided, it is matched against the calculated check-digit, and an error is raised if it does not match the calculated check-digit.


>>> from gtin import GTIN

A GTIN initialized without any arguments:

>>> print(repr(GTIN()))

Typical usage will require converting your GTIN to a str prior to use in your application.

>>> print(str(GTIN()))

Given a raw GTIN, the check-digit is calculated and appended.

>>> print(str(GTIN(raw='0978289450809')))

Given a valid GTIN str for gtin, the return value of str(GTIN(gtin)) is equal to gtin.

>>> print(str(GTIN('04000101613600')))

Non-numeric characters are ignored/discarded.

>>> print(str(GTIN('0-4000101-6136-00')))

Given a an int for the parameter raw, the length defaults to 14.

>>> print(str(GTIN(raw=7447010150)))
>>> print(str(GTIN(74470101505)))

Given a GTIN, and a length:

>>> print(str(GTIN(raw=7447010150,length=12)))
>>> print(str(GTIN(74470101505,length=12)))
>>> print(str(GTIN('74470101505',length=14)))

Get the GCP of a GTIN:

>>> print(GTIN('00041333704647').gcp)
>>> print(GTIN('00811068011972').gcp)
>>> print(GTIN('00188781000171').gcp)

Get the component parts of a GTIN instance as a tuple containing GTIN.indicator_digit, GTIN.gcp, GTIN.item_reference, and GTIN.check_digit:

>>> print(tuple(GTIN(raw='0400010161360')))
('0', '4000101', '61360', '0')

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