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Guillotina Postgresql integration

Project description


POC of integrating a new Content-type DBFolder

  • A DBFolder represents a table on postgres with a related sqlalchemy model


  • Use guillotina permission system
  • Use guillotina framework.
  • Lookup views on a context (a sqlalchemy object)
  • Integrate with the guillotina gmi interface

Howto use

  1. Create your regular sqlalchemy model, like, import your Base, from guillotina_asyncom.db
from guillotina_asyncom.db import Base
import sqlalchemy as sa

class Model(Base):
    __tablename__ = "extras"

    pk = sa.Column(sa.Integer, primary_key=True)
    value = sa.Column(sa.JSONB)

Add an object whenever you want of your guillotina content tree:

POST /db/guillotina/
    "@type": "DBFolder",
    "id", : "dbmodel",
    "model": "Model"

From here, we can just use the guillotina API with our new endpoint.

POST /db/guillotina/dbmodel/ { "value": {"prop", "value"} }

GET /db/guillotina/dbmodel/@search GET /db/guillotina/dbmodel/{pk} DELETE /db/guillotina/dbmodel/{pk} PATCH /db/guillotina/dbmodel/{pk}

Thought it should work registering services for instances...

POST /db/guillotina/dbmodel/{pk}/@requeue

  • Cool feature: It integrates with guillotina_react :)


  • It's not hard to build a generic model explorer from here. All registered models on sqlalchemy live on Base.metadata... just build a small traversal around

  • Generate the expected schema for every new type, perhaps on the /db/guillotina/dbmodel/@schema taking it from declarative sqlalchemy models

  • Integrate the permission system on rows... Just implement an acl jsonb column in your models. (Setting the ownership, or whatever you want..)

  • The event system is still not implemented, perhaps could be implemented but with some new events. (If we do with the actuals we will mess with the catalog)

  • Implement a rich @search model (on the end we can just translate, the actual implementations to sqlalchemy querys). Also implement pagger, and the rest. This will make this fit so well with guillotina_react.


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