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Link integrity support for guillotina

Project description

Guillotina link integrity

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The package aims to provide link integrity support for Guillotina.


  • Ability to check for linked content
  • Automatically redirect requests when content is renamed or moved
  • Manage aliases to content
  • Translate resolveuid urls in text


  • Python >= 3.7
  • Guillotina > 5
  • PG/Cockroachdb with redis


This example will use virtualenv:

  python -m venv .
  ./bin/pip install .[test]


Running Postgresql Server:

docker run --rm -e POSTGRES_DB=guillotina -e POSTGRES_USER=guillotina -p --name postgres postgres:9.6

Most simple way to get running:



The package provides some high level APIs for interacting with content.

Working with linked content:

import guillotina_linkintegrity as li

await li.get_links(ob)
await li.get_links_to(ob)
await li.add_links(ob, [ob2, ob3])
await li.remove_links(ob, [ob2, ob3])
await li.update_links_from_html(ob, content)

How about aliases:

import guillotina_linkintegrity as li

await li.get_aliases(ob)
await li.add_aliases(ob, ['/foo/bar'])
await li.remove_aliases(ob, ['/foo/bar'])

# what about aliases from parents that might affect it?
await li.get_inherited_aliases(ob)

Translate uid linked content:

import guillotina_linkintegrity as li

result = await li.translate_links(content)

6.0.0 (2021-11-09)

  • Support guillotina >= 6.3.0 [frapell]

5.0.2 (2019-10-29)

  • Fixing Tests and Manifest [bloodbare]

5.0.1 (2019-10-29)

  • Fixing behavior richtext field and G5 [bloodbare]

5.0.0 (2019-06-22)

  • Upgrade to work with Guillotina 5

1.0.8 (2019-06-18)

  • Restrict compat with guillotina

1.0.7 (2019-01-29)

  • Fix use of storage lock [vangheem]

1.0.6 (2019-01-15)

  • Safe queries [vangheem]

1.0.5 (2018-10-02)

  • Fix error on link integrity [vangheem]

1.0.4 (2018-09-27)

  • Fix dummy storage 404 error

1.0.3 (2018-09-26)

  • Implement caching [vangheem]

1.0.2 (2018-09-26)

  • Add @links-to endpoint and utils.get_links_to [vangheem]

  • Do not fail when using dummy storage [vangheem]

1.0.1 (2018-09-26)

  • Fix imports to match docs [vangheem]

1.0.0 (2018-09-25)

  • initial release

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