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alternative python interface for the Gurobi optimization software

Project description

gurobimh: Unofficial Alternative Gurobi/Python Interface

`gurobimh` is a drop-in replacement for the `gurobipy` API bindings shipped with
[Gurobi]( It offers several advantages:

* `gurobimh` can be compiled for all current versions of Python; you do not need
to rely on Gurobi officially supporting your desired Python version.
* `gurobimh`'s performance is much better, especially when modifying models a lot (like in a hand-written
branch and bound solver).
* `gurobimh` is free software an can be easily extended.
* `gurobimh` ships a Cython `pxd` files, and the `Model` class has some fast-access `cdef` member
methods for model modifications or queries than circumvent some of the slower API parts. This
means that, if you are writing your algorithms in Cython, you can almost achieve the performance
of the C interface, but using a much cleaner API.

Of course, there are also disatvantages:
* Up to now, `gurobimh` supports only a subset of the official `gurobipy` API, in particular
quadratic programming is not yet supported, and lots of parameters are missing. However these
features are easy to implement once you look at how the others are, so you are welcome to
contribute. Simply put, I have only implemented the features I am using myself.
* Though I have successfully verified that `gurobimh` behaves like `gurobipy` for my programs,
there are probably lots of bugs, and of course there's no commercial support. Don't use in
productive environments!


* June 2016: Large update contributed by [mikenehme](, many thanks for your help!!

The API is written in [Python]( To compile it, you need [Cython]( Of
course, you need to have Gurobi installed, and the `GUROBI_HOME` environment variable needs to be
set correctly.

The current version supports Gurobi 6.5 only (due to some internal API changes in Gurobi, 6.0 is NOT supported anymore).

Install directly from the [Python Package Index]( with

pip install gurobimh

Alternatively, download the package and type:

python install

Both commands can be appended by the `--user` option which locally installs `gurobimh` for the
current user without needing root privileges.

Simply replace any `gurobipy` import statements with `gurobimh`. If anything goes wrong, file a bug!

Please contact [me]( or use the GitHub features for PRs, comments, bugs etc.

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