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This is si7006 driver for HaaS Python. HaaS Python is forked from micropython.

Project description

HaaS Python介绍

HaaS Python是阿里云IoT团队最新研发的一套低代码编程框架,兼容MicroPython编程规范,依托HaaS平台软硬件积木提供AI、支付、蓝牙配网、云连接、UI等物联网场景常用的能力,从而解决了物联网应用开发难的问题。有了Python轻应用框架,物联网编程不再局限于专业软件开发人员,一般的技术员也可以快速实现复杂的物联网需求。 更多HaaS Python介绍和开发资料见HaaS Python官网,创意案例, 硬件积木

HaaS Python is a set of low-code programming frameworks newly developed by Alibaba Cloud IoT team. It is compatible with MicroPython programming specifications. It relies on the hardware and software building blocks of the HaaS platform to provide capabilities commonly used in IoT scenarios such as AI, payment, Bluetooth network configuration, cloud connection, and UI. Solve the difficult problem of IoT application development. With the Python light application framework, IoT programming is no longer limited to professional software developers, and general technicians can quickly implement complex IoT requirements. For more HaaS Python introduction and development materials, see HaaS Python official website, Creative Case, Hardware Building Blocks


Download the firmware corresponding to the development board at HaaS Python website and complete the firmware burning

  • 在开发板上运行以下命令完成安装和使用,如果您在使用过程中遇到问题,欢迎在github上向我们提交issue,我们的工程师会及时解答

Run the following commands on the development board to complete the installation and use. If you encounter problems during use, please submit an issue to us on github, Our engineers will answer in time

import upip
import haas-python-si7006

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