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A unicorn for Hackathons

Project description

An All-in-one library, safe for hackathon consumption.

You can perform every task using a single library.


hackr currently supports the following features:

  • Generate random names

  • Generate random address

  • Generate random dates

  • Generate random digits

  • Generate random characters

  • Generate QRCode

  • Scrape any webpage

  • Send web requests (GET, POST, PUT)

  • Parse data in JSON

  • Send Emails

hackr officially supports Python 2.7 currently.


Generate Random names

>>> import hackr
>>> a = hackr.generator.names(5)
>>> print a
[u'Mr. Thomas Wolf MD', u'Valerie Turner', u'Maria Knight', u'Raymond Shelton', u'Erica Glenn']

Generate Random dates

>>> import hackr
>>> a= hackr.generator.dates(5,1995,2017)
>>> print a
['1998-08-17 00:00:00', '2007-03-25 00:00:00', '2003-01-27 00:00:00', '2014-10-13 00:00:00', '1995-02-10 00:00:00']

Generate Random json data

>>> import hackr
>>> a = hackr.object_generator.generate_json(4, name='names', address='address')
>>> print a
'[{"name": "Jeffery Russell", "address": "USNV Bradley\\nFPO AA 49483-3369"}, {"name": "Caitlin Wong", "address": "4622 Richard Summit Apt. 325\\nHollow
aystad, OH 88464"}, {"name": "Adrian Pugh", "address": "977 Hill Meadows Suite 944\\nVictoriaton, PR 58653-2191"}, {"name": "Christopher Schaefer", "add
ress": "62215 Charles Cape Apt. 039\\nHaleymouth, ND 82518-8938"}]'

Generate QRCode

>>> import hackr
>>> # default save to current path
>>> img = hackr.image.qrcode("")
>>> # or manually assign dest path
>>> img = hackr.image.qrcode("", dest_path="/tmp/hackr_qrcode.png")

Scrape a webpage

>>> import hackr
>>>#To get the response as JSON(if the url returns a JSON response, otherwise an exception is returned)
>>> json_response = hackr.web.scrape("", type="json")
>>>#To get the response as XML
>>> xml_response = hackr.web.scrape("", type="xml")

Make Web Requests

>>> import hackr
>>> #If you want the response as a string
>>> a= hackr.web.request("", method="post", params={'a':'b'})
>>> If you want the response as JSON
>>> a= hackr.web.request("", method="post", params={'a':'b'}, type="JSON")

Send Emails

>>> import hackr
>>> #Enter your GMAIL email address and password in the parameters email, and password.
>>>"Hey there", email="", password="foobar", to="", subject="Foo Bar")

Contribution Guidelines

  • Fork the repository

  • Find an issue or create one

  • Create a branch(we prefer to name it patch)

  • Inform everyone that you’re working on the issue

  • Send a pull request with proper explanation of what you did

  • Wait for getting it reviewed.

  • We’d be glad to merge your PR

Made with ♥ by: PyTorn | Ashwini Purohit

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