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Short Text Classification

Project description


A Modification of LibShortText and LIBLINEAR.

  • Uses Wissen Text Analyzer

  • Feature Selection

  • API Exported by Skitai App Engine

  • Win32 support (need MSVC)


git clone
cd haiku
python build install

Basic Usage

import haiku

model_path = "./golforbed"
analyzer =  haiku.StandardAnalyzer (max_term = 200, stem_level = 2, make_lower_case = 1)

trainset = [
    ('Golf', "cloudy cold calm"),
    ('Golf', "sunny warm"),
    ('Bed', "rainy hot"),
    ('Golf', "sunny hot windy"),
    ('Bed', "windy cloudy cold"),
    ('Bed', "rainy cloudy cold"),

# training
h = haiku.Haiku (model_path, haiku.CL_L2, analyzer)
# pruning by document frequency and scoring by meth (FS_CF means category frequency) (data, mindf = 0, maxdf = 0, top = 0, meth = haiku.FS_CF)
# set training options: uni/bigram and feature representation
h.train (haiku.BIGRAM, haiku.FT_BIN)
h.close ()

# guessing
h = haiku.Haiku (model_path, haiku.CL_L2, analyzer)
h.load ()
print (h.guess ("sunny cold windy"))
h.close ()

Exporting API through Skitai App Engine

Place model data into app_root/resources/haikus/golforbed.

import haiku
import skitai

if __name__ == "__main__":

  pref = skitai.pref ()
  pref.config.resource_dir = skitai.joinpath ('resources')
  skitai.mount ("/", haiku, "app", pref) (port = 5005)

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