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High aviariable proxy pool client for crawlers.

Project description

# HAipproxy
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This project crawls proxy ip resources from the Internet.What we wish is to provide a
anonymous ip proxy pool with **highly availability and low latency** for distributed

# Features
- Distributed crawlers with high performance, powered by scrapy and redis
- Large-scale of proxy ip resources
- HA design for both crawlers and schedulers
- Flexible architecture with task routing
- Support HTTP/HTTPS and Socks5 proxy
- MIT LICENSE.Feel free to do whatever you want

# Quick start

Please go to [release]( to download the source code,
the master is unstable.

## Standalone

### Server
- Install Python3 and Redis Server
- Change redis args of the project *[config/](config/* according to redis conf,such as `REDIS_HOST`,`REDIS_PASSWORD`
- Install [scrapy-splash]( and change `SPLASH_URL` in *[config/](config/*
- Install dependencies
> pip install -r requirements.txt
- Start *scrapy worker*,including ip proxy crawler and validator
> python --usage crawler

> python --usage validator
- Start *task scheduler*,including crawler task scheduler and validator task scheduler
> python --usage crawler

> python --usage validator

### Client
`haipproxy` provides both [py client](client/ and [squid proxy]( for your spiders.Any clients about any languages are welcome!

#### Python Client
from client.py_cli import ProxyFetcher
# args are used to connect redis, if args is None, redis args in will be used
args = dict(host='', port=6379, password='123456', db=0)
# https is used for common proxy.If you want to crawl a customized website, you'd better
# write a customized ip validator according to zhihu validator
fetcher = ProxyFetcher('https', strategy='greedy', redis_args=args)
# get one proxy ip
# get available proxy ip list
print(fetcher.get_proxies()) # or print(fetcher.pool)

#### Using squid as proxy server
- Install squid,copy it's conf as a backup and then start squid, take *ubuntu* for example
> sudo apt-get install squid

> sudo sed -i 's/http_access deny all/http_access allow all/g' /etc/squid/squid.conf

> sudo cp /etc/squid/squid.conf /etc/squid/squid.conf.backup

> sudo service squid start
- Change `SQUID_BIN_PATH`,`SQUID_CONF_PATH` and `SQUID_TEMPLATE_PATH` in *[config/](config/* according to your OS
- Update squid conf periodically
> sudo python
- After a while,you can send requests with squid proxies, the proxies url is 'http://squid_host:3128', e.g.
import requests
proxies = {'https': ''}
resp = requests.get('', proxies=proxies)

## Dockerize
- Install Docker

- Install docker-compose
> pip install -U docker-compose

- Change`SPLASH_URL`and`REDIS_HOST`in [](config/
SPLASH_URL = 'http://splash:8050'
REDIS_HOST = 'redis'
- Start all the containers using docker-compose
> docker-compose up

- Use [py_cli](client/ or Squid to get available proxy ips.
from client.py_cli import ProxyFetcher
args = dict(host='', port=6379, password='123456', db=0)
fetcher = ProxyFetcher('https', strategy='greedy', length=5, redis_args=args)
print(fetcher.get_proxies()) # or print(fetcher.pool)


import requests
proxies = {'https': ''}
resp = requests.get('', proxies=proxies)

# WorkFlow

# Other important things
- This project is highly dependent on redis,if you want to replace redis with another mq or database,
just do it at your own risk
- If there is no Great Fire Wall at your country,set`proxy_mode=0` in both [](crawler/spiders/ and [](crawler/spiders/
If you don't want to crawl some websites, set `enable=0` in [](config/
- Becase of the Great Fire Wall in China, some proxy ip may can't be used to crawl some websites such as Google.You can extend the proxy pool by yourself in [spiders](crawler/spiders)
- Issues and PRs are welcome
- Just star it if it's useful to you

# Test Result
Here are test results for crawling using `haipproxy`.Source Code can be seen [here](examples/zhihu)

|0|2018/03/03 22:03|0|greedy|[py_cli](client/|
|10000|2018/03/03 11:03|1 hour|greedy|[py_cli](client/|
|20000|2018/03/04 00:08|2 hours|greedy|[py_cli](client/|
|30000|2018/03/04 01:02|3 hours|greedy|[py_cli](client/|
|40000|2018/03/04 02:15|4 hours|greedy|[py_cli](client/|
|50000|2018/03/04 03:03|5 hours|greedy|[py_cli](client/|
|60000|2018/03/04 05:18|7 hours|greedy|[py_cli](client/|
|70000|2018/03/04 07:11|9 hours|greedy|[py_cli](client/|
|80000|2018/03/04 08:43|11 hours|greedy|[py_cli](client/|

# Reference
Thanks to all the contributors of the following projects.










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