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Getting started with HAMB

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Local setup

It is recommended to use the steps below to set up a virtual environment for development:

python3 -m venv <virtual env name>
source <virtual env name>/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt


pip install hamb

Save credentials to etl.cfg file locally in project directory. See sample.etl.cfg file provided in root directory.

Directory Structure

By default, it will look for manifests folder, etl.cfg and services.yaml in your current working directory.



This is about metadata about your test sets, including the sql and diagnostic queries to be run. Manifests files are stored in /manifests


services.yaml This is a global config which stores outbound communication details. Basically it says for a given scenerio, what handlers will be used, and with what targets.


Test results are printed, but handlers are available for other means of notification. See /hamb/handlers/.


Execution walkthru

  • HAMB will be executed from command line for a given manifest (test set): hamb -m sample_compare
  • It will read the tests from the corresponding manifest file into a Python object
  • It will then loop through each test
  • For each test it will execute the appropriate plugin
  • The results from each test will be collected, then as configured in services.yaml the appropriate handler will be evoked
  • Based on the services metadata, the appropriate handler will be evoked with parameters for that service (email list, sns topic, etc)

Go ahead, compose your own and try it out..


Compare two lists wherein it succeeds when the lists are the same and fails when different.

Try running hamb -m sample_compare or python -m hamb.module -m sample_compare


a. when lists are the same
'script_a_result': [a, b, c]
'script_b_result': [a, b, c]
'status': 'success'
'diff': None

b. when only a few elements are similar
'script_a_result': [a, b, c]
'script_b_result': [a, b]
'status': 'failure'
'diff': [c]

c. when one list is empty
'script_a_result': [a, b, c]
'script_b_result': []
'status': 'failure'
'diff': [a, b, c]

d. when lists have completely different elements
'script_a_result': [a, b, c]
'script_b_result': [d, e, f]
'status': 'failure'
'diff': [a, b, c, d, e, f]

If the manifest is in another folder, you can provide the absolute path

hamb -m /path/to/sample_compare

If you want to use AWS secrets, just include –config secret_manager param.

hamb -m sample_compare --config secret_manager

Hamb also supports logging the results to the database. To use this feature, include -t <your_database_table>. See: /hamb/ method for sample table schema.

hamb -m sample_compare --t public.hambot_history


To run the testing suite, the following commands are required:

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt



python -m unittest discover tests


HAMB documentation is powered by Sphinx, a tool that makes documentation easy.

To build docs locally

cd docs
make html

To see HAMB documentation, open /docs/_build/html/index.html.

If you want to make changes, edit README.rst and build docs again.

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