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command line tool to collect useful information from urls, directories, and files

Project description

The Hamburglar


There are 2 versions of hamburglar, full and lite. The main branch is the full version, and hamburglar lite is on a separate branch.


Full fledged scraping tool for artifact retrieval from multiple sources. There are some dependencies, so install them first:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Hamburglar also has the option of checking against file signatures during a hexdump. It will get skipped if not set up. To get it working, you will need to first create the database and a user:

CREATE USER 'hamman'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'deadbeef';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON fileSign.signatures TO 'hamman'@'localhost';

Then, run magic_sig_scraper. This can be run on a cronjob to regularly update it, or just run it once:


Hamburglar Lite

Multithreaded and recursive directory scraping script. Stores useful information with the filepath and finding. Hamburglar lite will never require external packages, and will always remain as a single script. Setup is as simple as requesting the file and using it:


This is designed to be quickly downloaded and executed on a machine.


usage: [-h] [-g] [-x] [-v] [-w] [-i] [-o FILE] [-y YARA] path

positional arguments:
  path                  path to directory, url, or file, depending on flag

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -g, --git             sets hamburglar into git mode
  -x, --hexdump         give hexdump of file
  -v, --verbose         increase output verbosity
  -w, --web             sets Hamburgler to web request mode, enter url as path
  -i, --ioc             uses iocextract to parse contents
  -o FILE, --out FILE   write results to FILE
  -y YARA, --yara YARA  use yara ruleset for checking

Directory Traversal

  • python3 ~/Directory/
    • This will recursively scan for files in the given directory, then analyzes each file for a variety of findings using regex filters

Single File Analysis

  • python3 ~/Directory/file.txt
    • This will recursively scan for files in the given directory, then analyzes each file for a variety of findings using regex filters

YARA Rule Based Analysis

  • python3 -y rules/ ~/Directory
    • This will compile the yara rule files in the rules directory and then check them against every item in Directory.

Git Scraping Mode

  • python3 -g
    • Adding -y <rulepath> will allow the repo to be scraped using yara rules

Web Request Mode

  • python3 -w
    • Adding a -w to tells the script to handle the path as a url.
    • Currently this does not spider the page, it just analyzes the requested html content

IOC Extraction

  • python3 -w -i
    • Adding a -i will use iocextract to extract any ioc's from the requested url

Hex Dump Mode

  • python3 -x ~/file-to-dump
    • This just does a hex dump and nothing more right now -- could be piped into a file
    • This will eventually be used for binary analysis


  • Adding -v will set the script into verbose mode, and -h will show details of available arguments
  • Adding -o FILENAME will set the results filename, this is especially useful in scripting situations where you might want multiple results tables (ie github repo spidering)


  • whitelistOn: turns on or off whitelist checking
  • maxWorkers: number of worker threads to run concurrently when reading file stack
  • whitelist: list of files or directories to exclusively scan for (if whitelistOn=True)
  • blacklist: list of files, extensions, or directories to block in scan
  • regexList: dictionary of regex filters with filter type as the key

The Hamburglar can find

  • ipv4 addresses (public and local)
  • emails
  • private keys
  • urls
  • ioc's (using iocextract)
  • cryptocurrency addresses
  • anything you can imagine using regex filters and yara rules

Example output:

    "/home/adam/Dev/test/email.txt": {
        "emails": "{''}"
    "/home/adam/Dev/test/email2.txt": {
        "emails": "{''}"
    "/home/adam/Dev/test/ips.txt": {
        "ipv4": "{'', ''}"
    "/home/adam/Dev/test/test2/email.txt": {
        "emails": "{'', ''}"
    "/home/adam/Dev/test/test2/ips.txt": {
        "ipv4": "{'', ''}"
    "/home/adam/Dev/test/test2/links.txt": {
        "site": "{''}"


Project details

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Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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hamburglar-1.0.1.tar.gz (28.7 kB view hashes)

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