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Conveniently separate your business logic from messaging stuff.

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Happyly helps to abstract your business logic from messaging stuff, so that your code is maintainable and ensures separation of concerns. Actual actions your code perform are abstracted into universal Handlers which can be used with any serialization technology or messaging protocol without any change.

Happyly can be used with Flask, Celery, Django, Kafka or whatever technology which is utilized for messaging. Happyly also provides first-class support of Google Pub/Sub.

Happyly's pipeline

Why this name?

Happyly stands for HAndlers for Pub/sub as a PYthon LibrarY

The lib was originally created for usage with Google Pub/Sub, but it then turned out that the idea is much more universal and can simplify transition between messaging and serialization technologies.


pip install happyly

For additional components use pip install happyly[google-cloud-pubsub] or pip install happyly[flask] or pip install happyly[redis]


Read the docs


  1. Create and activate a virtual environment (e.g. python -m venv env; source env/bin/activate).
  2. Install flit: pip install flit.
  3. Use flit to install the package with all development dependencies: flit install. Repeat this whenever you want to account for new code changes or dependencies.
  4. Note that the repository uses pre-commit to auto-check code for style and types. Enable it for your cloned repo with pre-commit install.
  5. In order to run tests, use either pytest (tests against your current python version) or tox (will try to test against all supported python versions).
  6. When you are ready to deploy the project, use bumpversion: bumpversion patch (or minor, or major) and then git push && git push --tags. Travis will detect it and automatically deploy the package to PyPI. It is also advised to create a new release on GitHub describing significant changes since the previous version. Important: at the time of writing, the package bumpversion in PyPI is unmaintained and has several issues. Please use bump2version instead. It will automatically be installed with flit install as a developmment dependency, so no need to install it manually.

Note about versioning scheme

We use semantic versioning with added rc stage: each version (major, minor or patch) will start with rc1 variant, which is then advanced either to rc2 etc using bumpversion rc or "released" using bumpversion rel (which removed rcN suffix completely).

From the bumpversin's point of view, there are two additional version parts: rel (which can be either alpha, rc or missing = release) and rc which denotes number of release candidate. alpha is not used by bumpversion directly but can be used when specifying version manually: bumpversion [major|minor|patch] --new-version 1.1.0alpha1. If you use bumpversion rel on such version, it will first transition from alphaN to rc1, and only then will it switch to release, rejecting rc suffix.

If you want to release new version skipping rc stage (probably a patch version) then you can use either of these methods:

  1. bumpversion --new-version 1.0.1 (substitute the desired new version) - not recommended;
  2. Recommended approach: bumpversion --no-tag patch && bumpversion rel. This will create an intermediary commit for rc but won't create a tag for it and hence won't trigger deployment for intermediary rc1 version.


The code inside this repository is licensed under MIT License, while images and documentation material are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0.

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