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A free/libre program for performing various tasks with Discord.

Project description

Version 0.7.2

Harmony is a free/libre program that allows you to perform various actions with the messaging service Discord. Currently, it allows you to:

  • Create an account

  • Verify your email address

  • View your account tag

  • Change your username, email address, password, and avatar

  • Change safety and privacy settings

  • List servers you’re in and members in those servers

  • Transfer and delete servers you own

  • Accept server invites

  • Delete your account

Actions that require you to complete a CAPTCHA (often required when logging in from a new location, for example) are supported by using librecaptcha.

For free/libre software that allows you to send and receive messages with Discord, check out purple-discord.


From PyPI

Install with pip:

sudo pip3 install harmony-discord

To install locally, run without sudo and add the --user option.

From the Git repository

Clone the repository with the following commands (you’ll need to have Git installed):

git clone
cd harmony

Then install with pip:

sudo pip3 install .

To install locally, run without sudo and add the --user option.

Run without installing

Run the first set of commands in the previous section to clone the repository. Then, install the required dependencies by running:

sudo ./deps/

To install the dependencies locally, run without sudo and add --user.


If you installed Harmony, simply run harmony, or see harmony -h for more options. If you didn’t install it, use ./ instead of harmony.

If an action requires you to solve a CAPTCHA, Harmony will use librecaptcha’s GTK 3 GUI, if available, unless the environment variable LIBRECAPTCHA_NO_GUI is set to a non-empty string.

What’s new

Version 0.7.1:

  • Harmony now works with newer versions of librecaptcha.

  • Harmony now won’t use the librecaptcha GUI if the environment variable LIBRECAPTCHA_NO_GUI is non-empty.

  • Updated the user-agent list.

Version 0.7.0:

  • Harmony can now save passwords in the system keyring.

Version 0.6.x:

  • Harmony now uses Readline for input.

  • Harmony should now work again (as of 2021-02-04).

  • Fixed registration.

  • The librecaptcha GUI is now used when available.

Version 0.5.x:

  • Harmony can now be installed from PyPI, or from the Git repository with pip or

  • Fixed possible encoding issue in

Version 0.4.x:

  • librecaptcha is now loaded from Python’s default path if available; otherwise, the corresponding submodule is cloned.

  • You can now list servers you’re in with the servers command.

  • You can now list members in a server with the members command.

  • You can now display and accept invites with the show-invite command.

  • You can now transfer servers with the transfer command.

  • You can now delete servers with the rm-server command.

  • You can now delete your account with the delete command.

  • You can now undelete an account scheduled for deletion with the undelete command.

  • The get-details and get-settings commands now provide more information.

  • Updated the user-agent list.

  • Fixed some miscellaneous bugs.

  • Improved separation between the frontend and backend.

Version 0.3.x:

  • Fixed automatic librecaptcha downloading in

  • Login attempts that require CAPTCHA tokens are now supported.

  • The verification process when logging in from a new location is now supported.

  • Fixed some miscellaneous bugs.


The installation instructions above handle installing the Python packages. Alternatively, running pip3 install -r deps/requirements.lock will install specific versions of the dependencies that have been tested (but may be outdated or have problems).


Harmony is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 or any later version. See LICENSE.

This README file has been released to the public domain using CC0.

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