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HashID based ID Toolkit.

Project description


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Joe Black | | `github <>`_


HashID tools/components for async ID generation. Example: ``k62K3zOn4Y5Kkxmg7pWOAqPyd8NVjrmX`` Designed for async data model ID generation for persisting objects to a graph DB such as ZODB. ZCA means it's simple to customize and override without editing any code.

Comes with

* Customizable Generator/encoder/decoder utility
* Type class (experimental)
* Persistent, 2x BTree-powered IntID/Ref Manager
* Custom fields for ``zope.schema`` and ``attrs``\ , with default factory functions, validation, etc.


* Random seed integer is just under 64bits.
* Derive seed integer at any time by casting type as an int.


.. code-block:: shell

pip3 install hashidtools



.. code-block:: python

>>> from hashidtools import HashIDGenerator
>>> gen = HashIDGenerator(salt='my random salt', min_length=32)

>>> gen.seed()
>>> gen
HashIDGenerator(salt='my random salt', min_length=32)
>>> gen.decode(

HashID Type

.. code-block:: python

>>> from hashidtools import HashID
... HashID()
>>> HashID('8nKqkABjlYB5A7430M917zAJao1Me4mN')

Hashid IntID Indexing & Event System

.. code-block:: python

>>> intid = HashIDManager()
... intid
... intid.generateId()

>>> from zc.intid.interfaces import AddedEvent, RemovedEvent
... import zope.event.classhandler
>>> @zope.event.classhandler.handler(AddedEvent)
... def handler(event):
... print(, event.object, event.idmanager)
... @zope.event.classhandler.handler(RemovedEvent)
... def handler(event):
... print(, event.object, event.idmanager)

>>> import attr
... Test = attr.make_class(
... 'Test', {'id': fields.hashid(init=False),
... 'name': attr.ib(default='default-name')})

>>> t = Test()
... intid.register(t)

... id = intid.getId(t)
... intid.getObject(id)
Test(id='...', name='default-name')

>>> intid.unregister(t)

Retrieving the utilities through the ZCA Registry

.. code-block:: python

>>> from zope.component import queryUtility
... from hashidtools.interfaces import IHashIDGenerator, IIntIds
... queryUtility(IHashIDGenerator)
HashIDGenerator(salt='$2a$12$AAAAAAAAAAAAAACgpDEPGQ', min_length=32)

>>> queryUtility(IIntIds)

Extending this Package

This package uses Zope Component Architecture for the ultimate in pluggable extendibility.

Quick example of customizing the HashID Generator:

.. code-block:: python

# Note: you can also create your own Generator class that implements the
# IHashIDGenerator interface and register it.
from zope.component import provideUtility

from hashidtools import HashIDGenerator
from hashidtools.interfaces import IHashIDGenerator

generator = HashIDGenerator(**custom_options)
provideUtility(generator, IHashIDGenerator)

Note: the following would preferrably be done using your project's ZCML directives.



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