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HomeAssistant WS wrapper library

Project description


Home Assistant async API wrapper

API Documentation

Example Usage:

from hass_ws import HassWS

async def main():
    client = await HassWS("wss://server.hass", "token")

    print(await client.fetch_states()) # Displays all HASS states
    print(await client.call_service("light", "turn_on")) # Turns on all lights
    async with client.listen_event(type="call_service") as listener:
        async for i in listener:

    await client.close()

HassWS Interface:

await HassWS(server: str, token: str)
  • server: Required, str. Base server URL of HASS instance, including wss:// or ws:// protocol specifier.
  • token: Required, str. Long-lived HASS access token.


  • HassWS().ready: Boolean value, True if the client is ready to send commands.
  • HassWS().meta: HassMeta, server metadata. None if not connected.


  • await HassWS().close(): Closes the currently active connection. To reconnect, call await HassWS().authenticate()
  • await HassWS().fetch_states() -> HassEntity[]: Returns current states of all entities.
  • await HassWS().fetch_config() -> HassConfig: Returns current server config
  • await HassWS().fetch_services() -> {domain: {service: HassService}}: Returns all available services
  • await HassWS().fetch_panels() -> {name: HassPanel}: Returns all UI panels
  • await HassWS().call_service(domain: str, service: str, target: HassServiceTarget = {}, data: dict = {}) -> bool: Calls a service, returning boolean success value.
  • async with HassWS().listen_event(type: str = None) -> AsyncIterator: Subscribes to an event (or all events, if type = None), and returns an asynchronous iterator for them.

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