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Performs local upload of distribution files to a haufe.eggserver instance

Project description


haufe.releaser is a command extension for setuptools and is intended as a setuptools frontend for interacting with haufe.eggserver.


Use easy_install:

easy_install haufe.releaser


haufe.releaser provides a new command local_upload to be used together with setuptools. It works in the same way as the standard upload command however it uploads your distributions to a local haufe.eggserver instance.


python2.4 sdist bdist_egg local_upload

You can specify a custom egg server URL using the --eggserver <URL> option:

python2.4 sdist bdist_egg local_upload --eggserver http://somehost:8080/myeggs


The eggserver URL can be specified within an optional ~/.haufe.releaser.ini file in your home directory (Unix) containing:

eggserver = http://host:port/your_eggs

Further funcationality

The new setuptools command check_description allows you to check restructured text conformance of the long_description metadata field before uploading your files to PyPI. This is in particular useful since PyPI does not complain about any restructured text format errors (rendering the field as plain text).


0.1.5 (02.03.2008)

  • bugfix release

0.1.4 (02.03.2008)

  • added ‘check_description’ command for checking the long_description against restructured-text in order to avoid PyPI trouble.

0.1.3 (02.03.2008)

  • configuration file support

  • updated documentation

  • some better system messages

0.1.2 (01.03.2008)

  • fixed detection of package name (reported by Naro)

0.1.0 (26.02.2008)

  • initial release

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