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Tool to acquire hard disk drive temperature from the network interface

Project description


Version 1.3.0
License Modified BSD (3-clause)
Language Python

HDDtempNC is a tool to acquire hard disk drive temperature from hddtemp's network interface.

It is Python script and requires a working Python environment. It depends a configured and working hddtemp daemon on the system whose HDD temperatures are required.



  • Python 2.x or 3.x
  • Working instance of HDDtemp running in daemon mode and listening on a TCP port (HDDtemp need not be running on the same host as the one running HDDtempNC, however must be reachable via TCP port)



Get the package from the download linked above.

Git clone

Clone repository.

git clone --recurse-submodules \

Remember to clone recursively (--recurse-submodules) to ensure cloning the submodules.


From version v1.3.0 onwards, HDDtempNC is available on PyPI and can be installed with pip (or pip3)


Save the downloaded directory structure in your choice of path within your application (plugins, includes, etc.)


HDDtempNC can be used either from the command line or by calling it in another script/program

Command syntax

The command syntax using long semantic arguments is as follows --disk=/dev/<diskpath> [ --target=<hostname> ] [ --port=<HDDtemp port> ] [ --debug ] [ --help ]

The command syntax using short POSIX-style arguments is as follows -d /dev/<diskpath> [ -t <hostname> ] [ -p <HDDtemp port> ] [ -g ] [ -h ]

Following parameters are available:

Argument Alternative argument Description Optional Default
-g --debug Debug to console/stdout Yes None
-t --target=server.local Specify target host (IP address or resolvable host name) Yes localhost
-p 3378 --port=3698 Specify target host's port Yes 7634
-d /dev/sda --disk=/dev/sda Specify disk to interrogate (full device path) No None
-h --help Show help Yes None


The above command options are explained below. The sequence of parameters is not important.


-d <disk> (--disk=<disk>)

Specify disk to interrogate by providing full path to the block device

Example: /dev/sda

Optional: No

Default value: None


-t <host> (--target=<host>)

Specify target host to interrogate. HDDtemp must be running on this host (in daemon mode) and listening on a TCP port.

Examples:, server.local, server.domain.tld

Optional: Yes

Default value: localhost


-p <port> (--port=<port>)

Specify target port to interrogate. HDDtemp must be listening on this port.

Optional: Yes

Default value: 7634


-g (--debug)

Enable debugging to console/stdout

Optional: Yes

Default value: None

Runtime help

-h (--help)

Show help and exit.

Optional: Yes

Default value: None


Command examples

Long parameters

/usr/bin/python3 --disk=/dev/sda`
/usr/bin/python3 --target= --disk=/dev/sdb
/usr/bin/python --port=7630 --disk=/dev/sdc
/usr/bin/python --disk=/dev/sda --port=9000 --target=

Short parameters

/usr/bin/python3 -d /dev/sda
/usr/bin/python3 -t -d /dev/sdb
/usr/bin/python -p 7630 -d /dev/sdc
/usr/bin/python -d /dev/sda -p 9000 -t


Feature requests, bugs, issues and other comments can be created at the issues link provided at the top of this page.


Please feel free to clone/fork and contribute via pull requests. Donations also welcome, simply create an issue by using the link provided at the top of this page.

Please make contact for more information.


Developed on..

  • Debian Wheezy
  • Debian Jessie
  • Debian Stretch

Known to be working on

  • Debian Wheezy
  • Debian Jessie
  • Debian Stretch
  • FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE
  • Windows 10
  • Python 3.7



Licensed under the modified BSD (3-clause) license.

A copy of the license is available...



Codiad web based IDE (, used under a MIT-style license.

Copyright (c) Codiad & Kent Safranski (


CodeGit Git plugin for Codiad (, used under a MIT-style license.

Copyright (c) Andr3as


Ungit client for Git ( used under the MIT license

Copyright (C) Fredrik Norén


Hosted by GitHub code repository (

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